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How to Hold Onto Hope in Trying Times

*New expiring photo received*

I opened the photo sent on Instagram, all to my utter shock.

There was my Best-friend, strapped to wires and tubes, in an ambulance.

"What on earth is going on" I thought to myself.

Well, my best-friend, Jonathon, was manned down by a lunatic driver while he was drawing money from the bank ATM.

He is extremely lucky to have survived.

From a fit, active, and agile young man, to a broken, busted, and bed-bound man in a matter of 12 minutes.

During these last 2 years of recovery, what I've learned from Jonathan's strength is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

I'm going to share two stories of triumph that inspire me about having hope in trying times.

1. Be Hopeful for Inevitable Goodness

This means maintaining a positive mindset and looking for silver linings in difficult situations.

It's about acknowledging that life can be challenging, and setbacks and obstacles are a part of the journey.

However, instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, being hopeful for inevitable goodness involves focusing on the potential for positive outcomes and personal growth.

good things still come

Pragmatically, it meant for Jonathan to set realistic expectations and understand that not every situation will have a perfect or immediate resolution.

He adopted a problem-solving approach and actively sought solutions rather than getting stuck in patterns of negativity (even when it was understandable).

Another hope that Jonathan maintained was the hope that good things still come.

During recovery, Jonathan celebrated small wins and counted his blessings like; friends visiting, attending events and most notably cheering for the release of his favorite video game.

It was these strides of hope that helped Jonathan go from glory to glory and hook onto hope like a shoe grip to a rock ledge.

2. Have the right people around you.

Evelyn received bone-chilling news "It might be a tumor"

At such a young age living life happily in her 30s, she was not expecting this.

She sprung into action and began to take her health into her own hands.

She started looking into alternative medicine, spiritual disciplines, and healing modalities to combat the supposed tumor.

She had no clear-cut answers from doctors but all she was told was that she needed surgery.

Without much conviction and a history of people taking it on blind faith, the doctor was ditched and Evelyn went on her own healing journey.

She forged her own future and defied the odds.

But her biggest challenge waited for her at home.

Evelyn's husband with the mounting stress, could not cope.

He began to come home from work each day and instead of reassuring her, began to respond fearfully, sharing horror story after horror story of how tumors can be fatal.

friends and community are like the gel or glue

He thought he was doing Evelyn a favor but with uncountable attempts, she could not get through to him.

In a moment of clarity, Evelyn decided to make the hardest decision to file for divorce.

"It was either my marriage or my life, I picked life," she told me proudly.

She was convinced if she stayed in that environment, she would have died a young death.

Being fed the garbage of fear-mongering and hopelessness by her husband meant the energetic terrain was hanging by a thread.

something greater will hold onto you.

Evelyn today is healthy and without medical intervention, happened to expel the tumour.

Our friends and community are like the gel or glue that binds together our experience spiritually.

it can be positive or negative, in Evelyn's case her own husband was ditched in the pursuit of her own well-being.

One thing observed during Jonathan's journey is he did the same, he remained social and connected but made swift decisions to eliminate the wrong energy from his life.

When new friends rained on his parade or babied him, he quickly sidestepped them.

3. Remain optimistic.

A trait I saw similar between Evelyn and Jonathan was their unrelenting optimism.

Being able to zoom out and accept that things will work out.

That there was a higher reason and purpose to why the most terrible things will happen.

Believe that the universe will work all things out for good and you will come out on top.

Knowing that the temporary pain, fear, and trial are only fleeting.

Optimism is not denial, it is radical acceptance.

the universe steps in to help you achieve this

When you accept life in its most harrowing seasons, you do a brave and bold thing.

Joy is not laughter and boisterous energy, joy is contentment right here and now.

The best outcomes in life will happen in response to your optimism.

Even on the days when things look unyielding and brazen, something greater will hold onto you.

In these moments I like to ask for guidance from Spirit to help me.

"Show me what I can be grateful for" "Show me the bright side to look at".

When you ask these in faith, the universe steps in to help you achieve this.

Remaining hopeful in trying times is definitely a choice that is afforded to us.

And no, not because it will be easy but because it will mean peace of our mind.

Don't walk tough seasons alone, join us!

If you feel like every month you've got no place to feel embraced or accepted for who you truly are, then you're invited to come try out an Online Group Reading that's coming up.

It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls and have the chance to receive a reading from me in the intimacy and support of a global community.

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