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  • What dates and locations will be toured in 2024?
    Cael is set to tour all states and territories in Australia once this year. From regional to coastal and of course major cities. Find out where here.
  • How much are tickets and where can I buy them?
    Tickets are purchasable via the box office of the theatre only. Ticket prices vary depending on pension status, VIP experience or general admission and sometimes where you're sitting in the venue. Roughly ticket prices will range from $62 - $139.
  • What is the shows duration and is there a break?
    The duration of the performance is 120 minutes, which is inclusive of a 20 minute intermission.
  • Will Cael offer private 1:1 readings while in town?
    No, due to Cael's hectic schedule, he will not provide private 1:1 readings outside of the live show.
  • Is there a VIP meet and greet option?
    Yes. You can buy VIP tickets to meet Cael after the show. VIP tickets come with front row seats, signed copy of Cael's book, photo opportunity and meet and greet after the show finishes.
  • Will there be Merchandise to buy as well?
    At some shows Cael will bring along books to buy as well as his home line 'Cael Collection' which contains teas, incense, tote bags etc.
  • Can we bring personal items, photos, objects of our loved ones?
    Yes. It is invited that you bring items of personal significance to you.
  • How long is the waiting list?
    The waiting list for some can be anywhere between 2-3 years.
  • Is there an 'Emergency' appointment option?
    While some Psychics offer Emergency appointments, Cael does not.
  • How do I book?
    Due to popular demand, Cael is completely booked out until 2027. He does however have a waiting list that you can join here. Once you're on the waitlist, you will be notified about spots opening. However, Cael hosts monthly group readings which you can attend.
  • Does Cael offer Face to face appointments?
    No. Due to a hectic schedule with traveling and touring, Cael is not able to offer this.
  • Can Cael do readings on any other platform besides Zoom?
    No. Due to legal and security reasons the most reliable platform is Zoom.
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