Frequently asked questions


Can Cael do readings on any other platform besides Zoom?

No. Due to legal and security reasons the most reliable platform is Zoom.

My Appointment is ages away or Cael is booked out... what else is there?

Cael performs online group reading events, free readings on TikTok and Instagram or you can catch him live in your town as he is touring around NSW, VIC and SA in 2021 in Australia! See tour dates.

How do I book?

Due to popular demand, Cael is completely booked out for 2021. He does however have a waiting list that you can join here.
Once you're on the waitlist, you will be notified about launch days (March/September every year). The next launch day is officially: 7pm September 17 2021 EST USA. (See launch day)

Does Cael offer Face to face appointments?

No. Due to a hectic schedule with traveling and touring, Cael is not able to offer this.


What if I'm not connecting with the reading?

Don't stress! Communicate with Cael and be honest along the way of how you're relating.
If after 10 minutes the reading persists to not relate and appears to be for someone else, You are entitled to 100% refund. Strictly no refunds are available after 10 minutes.

What happens in a reading?

Cael has spent a dedicated amount of time prior to your reading to prepare to reach your loved one. During the reading, Cael will provide a profile of the loved one that is wanting to deliver a message and then will proceed to deliver the message from your loved one to you.

Is this demonic and sinful?

Absolutely not! Cael works in the 'psychic field' alongside his spirit guide "Acey" who is one of Cael's ancestors. Cael and Acey are a team that set an intention long ago out of compassion, to deliver messages to peoples departed loved ones. You are spiritually safe and held.

Can Cael Channel someone outside of my family?

Yes! As long as you met this person in the physical world. However, most of the time 'spirit' will come through not how you want but how you need. That means your departed Mother might come through even though you wanted your sister. This is because your Mother may have the exact message needed in this season of life.

I'm nervous about getting a reading...

Medium readings whereby your loved one brings a message of hope, healing, closure and clarity leave you feeling light and energised. Cael may deliver a message from your loved one that may bring your attention to tricky areas in life but in no way is your reading going to scare, worry or hurt you.

Can I get a recording of my reading?

Yes! This is an added feature and will be sent via email if purchased.

How long do sessions go for?

Approximately 40 minutes for 1:1 Readings. Cael appreciates your punctuality and encourages you to set intentions well ahead of your appointment.

Can I talk to a dead celebrity?

Do you know any celebrities that died? If you didn’t know Michael Jackson while he was on the earth plane, he ain’t comin’ to talk to you.

About Cael

What's the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A Psychic is someone who has the ability to share with you what is forecasted for you in the future using tarot cards, your palm, astrology, tea readings etc. A Medium has a spiritual gifting of clairvoyance, clairaudience or another 'clair' gifting to reach 'spirit'. Spirit is your loved one. Mediums are assigned and operate closely with a Spirit Guide, someone who helps the medium connect with your loved one on the other side. You'll often see Cael thank or acknowledge their guide or 'spirit' throughout the session.

Who is Acey? What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit guide is a helper on the otherside. For Mediums like Cael, they have a specific spirit guide assigned to help them operate in their gifting. Acey is Cael's spirit guide who he describes as half 'Beyonce' and half 'Michelle Obama'.. Sassy but Elegant. Acey helps Cael know his cues and brings your loved one to Cael, communicating to him information he works carefully at decoding and verbalising to you.

How did Cael start in Mediumship?

Cael knew from a young age he could sense and feel messages from the otherside. Unlike Schizophrenia, he can switch this gift on and off. As a professional medium, his gifting is called 'Claircognizance' whereby he can know and communicate with loved ones past in his 'minds eye'.

Does Cael offer sessions besides medium work, like healing?

Cael does not provide healings of any modality.

Launch Day

What is Launch Day?

Launch day happens twice per year. It occurs the 3rd week of March and the 3rd week of September. These are the two times per year Cael opens up he's calendar for appointments to book.

What happens on Launch Day?

10 Minutes prior to the launch people jump on the booking page. They then refresh their browser once the launch commences. Appointments go LIVE and sell out in 2-3 minutes. People then share their booking success on Instagram, tagging @imcaelodonnell which gets people a repost on Cael's Instagram.

Waiting List

How long is the waiting list?

Typically there are 6 months between launch days (see launch day category). The waiting list however for some can be anywhere between 6-12 months. This is providing you get a spot. It could take up to 2 years to finally secure an appointment.