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4 Signs Your Loved One Is Ok

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

You may feel as though they departed so suddenly and you're left wondering if they are at rest.

It is no easy feat to face death at any point in life; in fact, it never gets easy to grieve in life as you get older.

We only come to terms in different ways depending on the person we lose.

Whether it was someone so close to us and it feels our heartaches day after day, or it was the sweet neighbour on the left; Spirit leaves clues that they are OK 'over there' and when we recognise it, we can move on in hope.

1. You're eating way more or way less of their favourite food.

Your spirit will eternally belong with your loved one, and you will feel inspired to cook their food all the time or just all of a sudden stop eating it all together. It's because food, the gut and the soul are interconnected, and we remember people with the food they ate.

2. You notice Crystals are disappearing post-death.

Crystals connect to our current energy sphere. If there are any ruptures or changes to our usual energy (i.e. Loved one dies), all of a sudden our crystals can disappear.

Our loved ones remove them into the spirit world and open our life up to claim new ones into our life that have fresh energy for the future.

3. Their music plays randomly.

Not only do we remember our loved ones with the food they ate, we also reflect on the music that they played. If you notice a playlist starts shuffling songs cherished by a loved one, it would be no surprise.

Just know it is their way of acknowledging that they are around and still have the same tastes and interests.

4. They visit your dreams.

Dreams are the playground of the spiritual.

When we are asleep, it's easier for our loved ones to bring messages that they are fine.

If you notice your loved one in a dream, focus on them looking young, healthy and happy.

Also, thank them for the message that they are doing well when you wake up.

Are your eyes opening to the possibility that they are not as far away as you thought they were?

Spirit knows your thoughts can doubt at times.

We all process death uniquely and sometimes it's important we focus on what is working.

I believe deep down in your soul you know your loved one is resting at peace in the afterlife.

No matter what kind of life your loved one lived, be comforted that punishment is not a function in the universe that operates beyond the tangible.

No evidence exists that we go to a heaven or a hell, in fact, there is so much evidence that points to the contrary.

It points to the reality that loved ones, ancestors and beauty waits for us beyond earthly consciousness and that concept is a precious thought.

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