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4 Valuable Spaces You'll want to Clean Spiritually

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

It didn't feel right inside, after the armed robbery, so we moved.

I was about sixteen, and we were visiting my sister in Darwin for a holiday, the night

before an intruder snuck in and stood in the hallway. I stood in the spot he did the

very next day and felt this "eery-ness". What was that? Why did I feel the energy of

the home violated?

It's not time-consuming, laborious or even that "woo woo"

Now more than ever before we've accustomed to disinfecting and sanitising

physically, but are we neglecting our most private and personal spaces from spiritual


I believe so, and I want to clue you in on some important places you can easily

cleanse, disinfect and clear right away!

What is Spiritual Disinfecting?

Simply; it's just a lovely deep spring clean in the aura and energetic spaces you

frequent. It's not time-consuming, laborious or even that "woo woo". Changing the

atmosphere from tense, unsettling and heavy can be done by using material easily

found in the backyard, walking track or online.

1. Land or Estate after Purchasing.

Empty Land is the most energetically charged of all things in the world. The Land is

literally packed with history, and in the interest of Aboriginals in Australia, owned by


Whatever occurs on a piece or block of Land, is forever buried and energetically

stored in the sediments of the soil. The Good, bad and ugly. That's why it's crucial to

cleanse and respectfully honour Land when you have the privilege of owning it. It's

like wiping the slate clean while you use it.

• Plan: Smudge the Land with a small smoking ceremony with dried plant

matter, verbally or in your mind thanking the universe or ancient ancestors for

the Land if you wish.

2. Second-hand car.

Purchasing a second-hand car can bring a great sense of freedom and satisfaction,

mostly if you were able to get it at the right price. What comes with second-hand

vehicles may not be the issues unmentioned or severely underestimated, but the

history of the car spiritually.

You or I have no clue what happened in certain vehicles,

what it was used for or how many times it danced with death due to near misses.

• Plan: Omit smudge spray and project positive thoughts while you sit alone in

the car. Imagine your car to be around a long time with safe commutes.

3. Your Body after a Nasty Break Up.

The temple for your divine spirit is precious. One reason that is common to cleanse

our temples is past relationships. A slight power is released at the first time of

intimacy with anyone. If you break up, it can be the case that the relationship is still

invisibly tied together.

Signs of this are constant thoughts of them, jealousy of them,

feeling that you'll give them another go to hurt you or even in some cases developing

their sorrowful emotions and countenance.

• Plan: Take an intentional bath with healing oils, vocalising in private to your

spirit guides that you want to be released of any and or all romantic ties to

"x,y,z". Never feel guilty for your interactions, just know now how to release

the power that lingers.

4. Your Business after a significant major event.

I'm not talking about a product launch or open day. I'm referring to events that no

business owner wants to invite. Fire, robberies, assaults or anything significant that

you feel shifted the 'vibe', is likely a good candidate to have a nice spiritual

disinfecting. You want your workplace to feel productive, fun and inviting for staff and


• Plan: Stay back on a Friday after 5pm and walk around the store/office with

half lighting, utilising a smudge spray option available to purchase online. Due

to potential industrial smoke alarm systems, you don't want to be full-blown

smoking up the place.

Our family didn't have to move after the robbery. We could have just done some

spiritual disinfecting, if only we had known this back then. Your space is where life is

happening for you; now you can have it as clean spiritually as it is physically.

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