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Cael O'Donnell is Australia's most highly sought-after Psychic Medium online. He is also the Author of the book "Three Minutes with Spirit" published by Penguin Random House AU.


Cael grew up in country Victoria where Life had not been easy for him having suffered child neglect, abuse and finally adoption.

His professional career saw him study and enter the mental health industry, helping people at their lowest points find hope to live.

Longing to achieve more, He started on Tik Tok in late November 2019 offering live readings to people after uncovering a dormant gift of mediumship he suppressed since the age of sixteen.


Producing short videos that encapsulate messages of hope, Cael uploaded moments he experienced with his clients in readings.


These clips, along with Cael's gift gained popularity and attention from people all around the globe.


A few years on, With over one million followers on social media under his belt, Cael is now hosting a long waitlist to see him.

You can join the waitlist or attend an upcoming group reading this month to experience his gift. 

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