I grew up in a little old county town in the south of Australia to fairly conservative but loosely Christian household. Life has not been easy as it is for most of us but one thing has never left my side, my love for fellow man.

I always saw in my mind’s eye that I would one day be a consultant to people, helping people heal but I thought it was in counselling, so I became a counsellor in which I’ve worked in the field for the last 6 years.

I knew I had a gifting when I was a Christian, I was often deemed as the “Prophet” in churches with strong messages from “god” but now as I look back I see that “god” was really the messages of loved ones departed.

I started Tik Tok late November 2019 pumping out videos on atheism and teaching (and challenging) religious ideologies. My account grew exponentially. Since July 2020 I “came out” as a Medium, knowing spirit was calling me to step into my purpose. My account went from 300 new followers to 2.2k followers per day, people were loving my new content and my enlightened self! I felt happier, more fulfilled and ready to walk out my purpose.

I hope to advance my gift and my brand by moving into the public demonstration space once COVID-19 resolves.


  • Gordon Smith Intuitive Mediumship Course

  • Diploma in Counselling with 6 years experience

  • TikTok
  • Instagram


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