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Do the Dead see their Funeral as it happens?

$12,000 and the Star of the event is dead.

Funerals aren't cheap.

But they have to be done.

So, how do we know our loved ones have the ability to attend?

there are a few signs that let us know that they came or attended.

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Many people who book a reading with me are able to receive validation through me mentioning something that happened at the funeral.

this is just one way that people find comfort when receiving a special online reading experience.

i.e one of the funnier stories was a cake dropped at a wake and I mentioned it in a reading. (The funeral was apparently a comedy of errors one after the next).

but what are the evidential signs a loved one is at or attended their funeral?

1. Unexplained Phenomena.

Mysterious occurrences, such as lights flickering, subtle sounds, or shifts in temperature, might be perceived as signs of the departed's spiritual presence.

When your attention drifts to these occurrences, it can be because your loved one is drawing your attention to them.

a time of heightened paranormal activity

Multiple people on the day might have these things occur so make sure you speak up and ask others what their experiences have been, if they are open to it.

these occurrences might not even happen on the day of the funeral but days following can be a time of heightened paranormal activity.

2. Strong Emotional Presence.

Many mourners describe feeling an intense emotional connection with the departed during the funeral.

It's as if the individual's energy lingers, providing a source of comfort and reassurance to those grieving.

even happiness or joy

This emotional presence can be both a shared experience among attendees and a deeply personal connection for individuals needing help mourning the loss.

If you feel strong emotions like even happiness or joy, these can be your loved ones way of showing their presence.

3. Coincidences or Synchronicities.

Attendees might notice seemingly coincidental events or synchronicities during the funeral that remind them of the departed person.

Hearing a favorite song unexpectedly or witnessing shared memories being referenced may be interpreted as meaningful signs, reinforcing the idea that the deceased is present in spirit.

It's them saying "I'm a part of this"

You could get in the car on the way to the funeral and their song plays on the radio.

Or you notice someone who is helping out at the funeral as staff has the same name as the deceased.

These little signs and coincidences are messengers from the other side.

It's them saying "I'm a part of this"

4. Dreams or Visions.

Some individuals report having vivid dreams or visions of the departed, either leading up to or during the funeral.

the night before you might get a visitation dream from your loved one, smiling and waving at you.

the departed continue to influence

These experiences can feel like a form of communication or a final farewell, providing a sense of connection and closure for those left behind.

Such dreams or visions are often considered by some as a profound way in which the departed continue to influence the lives of their loved ones.

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In conclusion.

There are various signs that can be made available to us.

But don't be discouraged if your loved one doesn't provide any of the above signs.

Sometimes it's just not the right time or appropriate to be sending signs.

Just believe it in your heart that they do attend the memorials of them.

It's no doubt about that.

Feeling like you need a check-in with Spirit over the holidays?

Come to my last live reading event coming up soon to hopefully get a special message from a loved one. Get a Ticket here.


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