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Afterlife: Who Awaits Us at the Final Breath?

When someone is passing, that white light or figure is actually not the immediate loved ones on the other-side.

Let me explain.

You know the story..

“You’ve come for me” mutters Grandpa on his death bed.

Well actually, it’s not necessarily Grandma coming to get him…

It is more likely that it is his Spirit Guide.

What really is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit guide is an ascended being who is an ex-human.

This can be best described as a past life relative or connection to you.

A Spirit guide remembers you and decided to assign themselves as a guide to help you.

In the case of Grandpa, this would be the One who had been meticulously guiding him on his journey.

"..They are very loving, ascended and higher vibrational beings.."

They always want “first dibs” to hug, greet and cherish us.

Especially when we have completed an incarnation.

After a moment of time with them, they will then pass us over to other loved ones in the "line".

This special celestial reunion is one of intense joy and raw emotion.

What will it be like when you see your guide face-to-face:

  • You will feel a deep soul recognition of their energy

  • You will not be afraid

  • You will want to spend as much time with them as possible

  • You won't speak with words but with thoughts

Meeting a Spirit guide again is something hard to put in words

But it can be likened to a full-body and soul relief

But it's not your departure that you wait for to connect in with your Spirit Guide.

You can connect in with your Spirit guide even while you are alive.

"..recognise the presence, purpose and mission of a guide.."

It can at times be something that people enter the space with fear.

There is nothing to fear about when it comes to Spirit Guides.

They are very loving, ascended and higher vibrational beings.

How to First Connect with Spirit Guides:

You can first connect to a Spirit Guide with a simple acknowledgement thoughtfully or verbally.

Letting them know that you're interested to connect to them.

They are able to read your thoughts.

If it still causes you to feel a little bit worried, you can always try my 14min encounter that I made for people to connect to their guide.

another way that can be helpful for people to make contact with their guide is through a Psychic Portrait depicted for them.

" who and what our guide looks like.."

Spirit Guide Portraits are a great tool for people who are visual people and want strong evidence of their guides presence in their life.

The portrait acts as a tool to connect to your guide and even as a way to pay respect by keeping their portrait on an Altar etc.

How are Spirit Guide Portraits made?

A spirit guide portrait is psychically channelled by me and then the information is sent to an artist to begin the depicting of the portrait.

It can take up to 7 days to have the full process completed but it is very worth the wait.

Portraits can also come accompanied with what we call a "Guide Ledger" that is a PDF full-page introduction to your unique Spirit Guide.

This helps people not just put a face to a name but also uncover the zodiac signs and past life shared with their guide.

This information and artwork can be immensely moving and life changing when received.

Who typically needs a Spirit Guide Portrait?

It's typically people who feel a little left alone and lacking the belief they are divinely guided.

These people can't trust their own convictions yet and desire to have me channel for them.

They recognise the presence, purpose and mission of a guide but haven't had a tangible encounter.

This can be due to many factors that this happens such as stress, fear, environment etc.


We aren't always going to immediately see a loved one when we pass and the blessing of that is that we will see someone just as special, a Spirit Guide.

The benefit of that is we can discover who and what our guide looks like while we are very much alive, which is an amazing experience!

If you're interested in seeing your guide portrayed in a personalised portrait, click here to order your portrait now.

You can also take advantage of a special discount code for readers of the blog by using the code "MEET" for a generous 30% off your first portrait.

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