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Myth: Wait 40 day's to contact the dead

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Famous Television Medium Teresa Caputo puts it "I just need 'them' crossed over; it could be 2min or two years".

I contact the dead every other day. It's what I do and what I know.

For a long-time, I've heard an old wives tale that you won't be successful in contacting the deceased if they've passed within the last 40 days. They won't be "ready". I'm not entirely sure where this originated, but I don't see it a valid belief any longer.

Why? Because I've contacted the deceased on the day of their passing if not hours afterwards to precise accuracy. Do I recommend getting your loved one into a medium reading so soon? Probably not.

One day I had a client book an appointment with me to contact her Mother, but within hours of her session, her brother passed away. Any average person would cancel; however, she had waited a while and did not want to leave the appointment.

You might be thinking, "oh sure Cael, to comfort her you probably just said he was doing fine" but the truth is I said a lot more than that. I described him to a tee, told her how he passed away and even talked about current family matters nobody would know regarding the selling of an estate. This one message alone from spirit set her peace in motion, but of course, the palpable loss and grief were yet to settle in.

the person was not ready to hear from spirit

I use this story to highlight that what you have heard about reaching loved ones in spirit may all be nonsense. It's okay though because I think at one point I believed it. Heck! In my aboriginal culture, we believe that we should not contact or utter someone's first name after they pass for a very long time so that they can find their way into the spirit realm safely to be with our ancestors. Although, this tradition has become less followed in the modern-day.

So why did I say earlier that I don't recommend seeking a medium out so soon after a passing? It's because you're in the throes of grief. When you are in shock or deep sorrow, these are times where you can be considerably low in vibration. ,

There have been times where I can't contact a loved one so soon after a passing, and I have to offer the person a refund. I believe this is because the person was not ready to hear from spirit about things such as the nature of the passing and other items that can spur one's closure on at a later point but not in the immediate moments after a person had passed.

How soon should you book me? That is to your discretion, and you know yourself more than any person in this world. If you feel ready and sit well with the idea that you will hear from your loved one on the day of their passing if not shortly after, you are likely to get what you intend. People who get a psychic medium reading and prepare for the appointment, get best results

you will find it much more exhilarating and touching..

I know that even to this day, four years on, I'm yet to pluck up the courage to speak in a medium session with my deceased Mother. "But Cael for heaven's sake aren't you a psychic medium!?" yes my friend, but I'm not your local baker. Bakers can eat the bread they make, but for me, it is much more real when I hear a Psychic Medium who doesn't know me from a bar of soap share information that they could not have known naturally.

Don't rush. These kinds of appointments can, at times, be once in a lifetime experiences. It is best to book in a place of rested assurance in the fact that you are ready to hear from your loved one. By using psychic medium appointments to contact loved ones you but are further ahead in your grieving process, you will find it much more exhilarating and touching than when you rush into a booking very raw and emotionally depleted.

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