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What Happy Spirits Desperately Want Us to Know

"Oh, so Spirits can still laugh?" remarks the Journalist in sheer surprise.

"Oh yes! When you cross over, your humour is intact" I reply.

This was a great conversation I had with Martin King from my segment on TV in 2023.

What the cameras didn't show is our profound conversation about death and dying.

One thing he took away from the chat was that Spirits are just as you remember them to be.

Throughout my time as a Psychic Medium, I have come to uncover what Spirits want us to know about them.

From the title of the post, you might be wondering "Well what constitutes a happy Spirit from an unhappy Spirit?".

Let's break down some key findings about Spirits that come through that are truly Happy.

What is a Happy Spirit?

A Happy Spirit is a person who has crossed over and has found their home, peace, family and belonging in the Spirit world.

From my experience in this field, I have yet to meet a Spirit that has not yet found its slice of happiness.

..dominant thoughts in the spirit world seem happy

As you could imagine, Happiness is subject to everyone, but I find that Spirits often will present to me their dominant thoughts in the spirit world and they seem happy.

These thoughts are: I like where I live, I'm enjoying the food, I have found love, People have befriended me, I can see my loved one on earth etc. and so forth.

So what exactly do our loved ones want us to desperately know and not worry about?

1. "My Death is a distant memory and I focus less and less on it"

Loved ones when they cross are aware that they have died and they are also aware of how and where they died.

However, as time passes and they are fully oriented into the afterlife, their death is treated as just a fact of and process of life.

more enjoyable days grace them

Even the most harrowing deaths are never too hard to remember as the loved one recalls being swept up into the loving arms of those waiting for them.

As newer and more enjoyable days grace them, the hardest days they ever had become so faint and forgotten.

2. "I can find new friends, family and lovers"

Often times people think that their loved one is just hovering around at all times around living relatives but that's not always the case.

Loved ones who have crossed over are initiated into a new dimension. It is an alternate reality.

loved ones still check in on us here on earth

Inside of this reality, people find new love, live in homes, find new friends and meet new families.

It's beautiful for people who have crossed over to find people of like mind and create new fulfilling bonds.

Although loved ones still check in on us here on earth, they aren't stuck to this "monitoring" existence and can go back and forth between realms via their thought form.

3. "I can see your past and I understand you better now"

Spirits have the ability to see our past or at least know a wider scope of our past.

They are able to see where we struggled and perhaps while they were alive they didn't have the fullest understanding.

But in my group readings, we often are able to see it demonstrated that Spirits will speak about the person's past as if they were there.

This is especially touching for clients who had hidden problems, addictions or events happen in life and their loved one is able to comment on it productively.

This is also a great proof or validation that I give as a Psychic Medium to demonstrate that these intricate details of your life are remembered by Spirit.

It is a compelling evidence that we are always being watched over with love by something far greater than us.

4. "I have changed my mind"

Often times LGBTQ people are worried about what their deceased Dad will think of them.

When they come to a private session with me, they fear rejection and neglect.

But what has been truly profound in my experience is that loved ones, particularly parents will change their minds.

denying the generation the toxic and unwanted ways

They will transform their beliefs, from political to religious beliefs as they are enriched by the diversity of the afterlife.

This can be especially helpful for new mums when they book a ticket to my group reading, because they hear how their grandmother or relative approves, supports and cheers for them.

Especially if the mother is parenting the children in a new modern way, or denying the generation the toxic and unwanted ways done by the ancestors.


It's always a surprise for me when it comes to hearing what Spirits say next about the afterlife.

No stone is left unturned and they love to reveal truly how they are over there.

It brings us tremendous relief, clarity, closure and peace to hear these reassurances one after the next.

It is especially compelling when it happens in real time.

So if you're interested in coming to an online group reading, check out this month's schedule and see if the stars align to grab a seat.

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

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