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Are In-Person or Online Readings more Accurate?

Updated: Mar 25

Picture this: you're sitting across from a psychic, eyes locked in anticipation, as they lay out cards before you.

Or maybe, you're in the comfort of your own home, laptop open, ready to explore the mystic realms through your screen.

Since the gold rush towards online readings took off during the pandemic, people have been questioning whether it is better to be in-person or online for accuracy.

But here's the twist – what if the accuracy of your psychic reading depended on more than just the method?

It makes sense to think that if you're in the presence of a Psychic, they'll perhaps find it easier to tap into your "aura" or sense the spirits around you easier.

A good Psychic reader will have quite a number of attributes

But what if I told you that the success of my Psychic business was all simply on the background of doing online virtual readings?

I don't offer in-person readings for the simple fact that I don't have a place to do them and also my schedule is very busy I couldn't possibly offer that luxury.

I have connected completely fine online with people oceans away from me and have delivered life-changing connections to the other side.

So if it isn't distance or proximity that determines accuracy, than what does?

Let's explore the 3 factors that are to consider for improved accuracy in a reading.

1. Competency of the Reader.

Let's start with the obvious, the Psychic has to have their craft down pat.

If this reader isn't in tune with their ability to a professional capacity, then they shouldn't be offering a paid service.

Accuracy is primarily pointed back towards the Psychic and the spot light is on them to perform.

80% of the time this is due to the interpretation that the Psychic is giving to what is coming through for them.

No Sugar-coating

In the case that something is off or not squarely accurate, it is a misinterpretation by the reader.

Misinterpretation is patched up in development work that the Psychic does as professional development.

Psychics will often book a call with me to work on their own development to increase their accuracy and confidence.

What are the signs of a competent reader?
  • Consistent track-records

  • Specific details

  • Validation

  • Empowering

  • No Sugar-coating

  • Clear crispy reading

  • Trustworthy reputation

  • Validates your gut-feeling

  • Balanced perspective

  • Non-judgemental

A good Psychic reader will have quite a number of attributes from this list and this is one way to know that they are competent.

You can trust a Psychic like this to do the job right and do it right the first time. You can be confident being charged a higher price for better work.

2. Emotional State of Client.

In rare cases where people are negatively emotional, it can cause a waning of the energy connection to the other side.

This is when someone is upset, angry or emotionally distracted from the reading to participate energetically.

This problem is almost always ironed out with preparation rituals done by the client and given to you by the reader.

It's not very often people are in a "low vibe" state

If worst comes to worst the reader simply acknowledges the energy is "off" and will reschedule the session when the client is feeling more present.

When connecting to the other side we want to be in a high vibrational state.

If we are overly emotionally or psychically occupied by extraneous circumstances, we forfeit the power needed to command in a reading.

To prepare for a reading emotionally it's always good to:

  • Avoid having big heavy conversations with people the day of your reading

  • Meditate 15-20min prior to your reading

  • Listen to uplifting music prior to the reading

  • Be in a low-traffic and comfortable area away from noise or busyness.

  • Ask questions to the psychic prior to the reading via email or in-person to ensure your comfort.

  • Come with an open mind and a smiling attitude.

It's not very often people are in a "low vibe" state once they get to a private session with me.

They are often buzzing, alert, excited, ready, awake, happy and pleasant.

All of these things make for an enjoyable reading experience that allows for mind-blowing accuracy.

3. Language Limitations.

I have learned over my time doing online readings that the command of language can actually determine accuracy.

The articulation of that which is being interpreted can at times be a catalyst in things not being understood or accurate.

This can easily happen to people in a reading who are even native English speakers.

At times as a Psychic it can be tremendously difficult to phrase spiritual concepts and enigmas.

In the pursuit of accurate messages, human language can at times be considerably limited to the reader.

...[we] avoid explaining messages in riddles and complex metaphors.

One thing that I have done to improve my accuracy even for online group readings which are high-pressure environments to move through readings quickly, I have continued my passion for reading.

By reading I am able to grow my vocabulary so that I can succinctly share what it is that is being shown in a reading.

For new Psychics, I would encourage them to stretch their vocabulary as to avoid explaining messages in riddles and complex metaphors.

The job of the Psychic is to really command their language to speak a message with clear and crisp delivery with as little complexity as possible.


In the intricate web of psychic readings, the physical space you occupy matters less than the intricate threads that weave into the fabric of accuracy.

As you've discovered, the true accuracy of a psychic reading hinges on multifaceted influences that extend beyond the realm of presence.

The quality of the connection, the psychic's perceptive abilities, and the open channels of energy play pivotal roles in shaping the accuracy of insights received.

So, whether you're seated face-to-face in a cozy nook or comfortably nestled on your couch at home, the essence of precision transcends the physical setting.

It's a convergence of understanding, receptivity, and energy that paints the canvas of a truly accurate reading.

If you've been teetering on the edge of embracing an online psychic experience, I extend a personal invitation to you.

An expedition where reuniting with a cherished spirit or communing with a guiding presence is more than a possibility—it's a beautifully woven reality.

The digital divide diminishes, and the ethereal bridges of connection emerge.

Embrace the realm of accuracy and insight in a way that transcends space and place.

Your seat is waiting, and the spirits are ready to converse.

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