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How to Get the Best Psychic Reading

Updated: Mar 26

Whether it's palm reading, mediumship or anything in between, here is a post about how to get the best psychic reading so that your money will not be wasted

You're looking at the screen: 'Your booking is confirmed.'

You've done it; your long-awaited hopes to finally see an intuitive about future fertility or to connect with a loved one is finally coming true.

You should be proud of yourself; you worked hard to afford this kind of experience.

Hundreds of people daily across the globe are seeking assistance, anywhere from an online psychic medium to a gifted clairvoyant who can predict your future.

However, there's no doubt that it leaves anyone wondering 'How to get the best psychic reading' after you have booked.

There's no wonder people are pondering this because these experiences (especially the good ones) do not come cheap.

But to the average person, knowing what it takes to have an outstanding psychic reading online or even in person would not come naturally.

That's where I come in; I am an online psychic medium who has conducted over 1,000 live appointments with clients globally

and I believe I have just the recipe that will show you how to get the best psychic reading (hands down).

It's not quite a science, I must admit; however, it's undoubtedly going to be a gentle roadmap towards both getting your 'bang for your buck' and having an incredible experience that you will remember long after the goosebumps have faded.

What is a 'good' Psychic Reading?

People expect something when they go to a fortuneteller or clairvoyant.

The surprising truth is that everyone is looking for different things.

No two readings are ever the same, even if you've been to the same practitioner.

What might wow one person might only superficially impress another.

It's hard to capture what people "get off on" by going to a Psychic, but I can list a couple.

Two things that are the hallmarks of a decent reading:

  1. Something about one's past or present is brought up in the session intuitively, whereby one receives wise counsel and reassurance.

  2. Something about one's future is predicted that aligns with one's current projected hopes, dreams or visions.

I'm going to break down how to get the best psychic reading into a timeline format that begins 24 hours before the session.

Prepare. Do this 24 hours before the session starts.

One day until your expected appointment, it's crucial to check your booking details and confirmation.

You might find a timezone difference that you weren't expecting, and you want to ensure that you arrive on time.

You also want to begin talking or communicating to your spirit guides or higher self, asking them to bring through information that you want to hear.

The best psychic readings always happen for those with a deep intention shared with their divine council or spirit guides.

You may also want to commence writing with a pen and paper, any questions or matters that you may want to cover in the reading when the psychic allows you to ask any questions (usually at the end).

Get Ready. How to Get the Best Psychic Reading.

You want to ensure that you are in a quiet and calm state.

Whether you are having an online psychic reading or visiting the clairvoyant in person, it's best to relax and quietly prepare spiritually.

You can do this by listening to well-intentioned calm music like shamanic drumming or anything gentle on the soul.

I would also recommend getting some candles burning, incense or even treating yourself to a nice hot cup of ceremonial cacao that can ground you beforehand.

Have your questions all written down, remembering no question is a silly question.

Put on a comfortable outfit that you feel good in, and roll on an essential oil blend that connects you to the divine.

Lastly, have a light snack like a handful of almonds and pick out a crystal you might like to carry or wear.

Avoid these activities or places before the session:

  • Heavy substance use either alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or narcotics.

  • Stressful conversations with family or friends.

  • Energy Heavy/taxing physical or mental work.

  • Loud or high-traffic environments

It's here. During the reading, remember this:

Yay, it's finally time for you to receive the guidance, vision and hope you've been eagerly desiring.

It's normal to feel nervous, on edge and afraid, but those emotions will subside the further along the reading travels.

It's also important to know why you feel these emotions, check out 'You're scared to see a Psychic, here's why'.

My number #1 tip that I tell people who ask me how to get the best psychic reading is to say less and let the psychic do their job.

It might be tempting to talk about yourself and elaborate on your life, but to genuine psychics who want to help you, information received organically (by you as a client) leaves us with one less thing we can wow you with that we sense intuitively.

It's also crucial to maintain a high vibe, come expecting, and attend with a good mood and energy.

By doing this, it assists the psychic in holding the necessary power required to tap into the psychic field.

I can't tell you how many sessions I cancelled prematurely in the past (before I said anything beyond a sweet "how are you") because the client had the wrong energy.

Meaning they had no intention set and were either unfriendly or stuck up.

Getting a Psychic reading that makes all the difference is relatively easy to get in this world, but it takes two to tango, as the saying goes.

By following this, you will realise how to get the best psychic reading and also make life a lot smoother for the fortuneteller or clairvoyant that you book.

Well now you have this information, why not put it to good use!

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