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Why Psychic Sessions Fail (I do this to fix it)

Updated: Mar 25

When a plane driven by professionals is about to take off, why do flight attendants familiarise us with life jackets designed for water?

Because even the most talented and skilled pilots are not without risks of accidents and unlikely in-flight events.

The same goes for readings with Psychics and Mediums.

However, it's not just cut and dry to explain why such failures occur.

Many factors lead to abandoned sessions, and I have three fail-safe solutions to solve them.

It is important to note that even though a non-critical take-off or landing "fails" for all intents and purposes of the word, it does not make the pilot a failure.

You see, psychics and mediums are working with several catalysts in a live session that can determine the destination of a session. Just like a pilot is working with wind speed or weather.

What is a failed session?

A failed session is when no iota of information relates to you as a client, and you're left scratching your head in confusion.

8% of sessions fail and require a simple redemptive solution

A failed session is not that the information isn't accurate; it's when the whole thing flops big time from start to a defined end by the psychic.

How typical are failed sessions?

After doing a quick check with other reputable psychics and mediums that I know in the industry, around 8% of sessions fail and require some level of redemptive solution.

I would agree with these figures because It's extremely rare that a session falls flat on its face and can not be redeemed quickly.

So why would a session fail to begin with?

Human error.

I, among many psychics and mediums, are not perfect. Thus, it's within the scope of possibilities that if I am having a bad day for whatever reason, I can misconstrue messages arriving from the spirit world.

This would sound like me receiving information from spirit; however, due to misconstruing a sign, symbol or phrasing that I hear through claircognizance, I divulge an incomprehensible piece of validation that won't relate several times over.

I have learned ways to prevent my own human error

"So Cael, I've waited months and paid hundreds; what will you do to resolve this?" - the answer to that, a simple re-schedule would do the trick of 5-7 days from the day of the "failed" session.

Just like an airline that has to perform an emergency landing (often due to human error), shuffles you onto the next available flight, we arrange a quick re-schedule. Which 9 times out of 10 can solve the trick.

The rarity of this type of failed session is high, though. Why? Because since when I first started to the present moment, I have learned ways to prevent my own human error.

I've achieved this by stringent intuitive development, self-awareness (how fatigued am I?) and post-session evaluation of recorded sessions to learn where I went wrong or how to understand better in future.

At the beginning of my psychic journey, I would agree that human error was the leading cause of failed sessions, but now it is the least common reason due to assertive implemented change.


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Wires Get Crossed

I've seen this happen in my sessions, and it's often the funniest failure's to see unfold.

When a Psychic or Medium neglects to leave considerable time in-between appointments, they can often get what we could describe as wires crossing.

This would mean that the information I am receiving is 100% correct, but it's not at all for you. This information is for the client I see right after you.

I have implemented measures to prevent these wires from crossing

I have seen it repeatedly in the past when I go into a session; the information that may not have been validated by the last client is 100% validated by the next one.

I say past because I have implemented measures to prevent these wires from crossing in my sessions, meaning I leave a considerable gap between appointments.

I do this by seeing only 3 clients per day with at least a minimum of 60min buffering between clients to fully disembark from the last appointment and prepare for the next.

Poor Intentions

This is the most common reason a session will fail.

As the saying goes, "it takes two to tango" a session failure is not always on the psychic or medium.

People will contribute to the session poorly by a lack of intention and preparation.

This occurs by neglecting to read preparation material before the appointment and not setting an intention for the meeting.

Being unprepared ushers in a different energy into the appointment altogether.

Merely coming because it was booked for them as a gift or they want some casual "fun" not realising the breadth and depth this work is designed for.

If someone comes to an appointment unprepared, it is like a flight trying to take off on a terrible runway. It's at risk of the flight not succeeding at all.

Being unprepared ushers in a different energy into the appointment altogether. Because these sessions are all about energy, it's not a mere recommendation to prepare; you must prepare to have the best psychic reading.

There's one definitive difference between great readings and bad ones that I can tell after conducting over 1,000 readings this last year.

The solutions to this type of failed appointment are always re-schedule first.

It is that clients who prepare, come high vibe and set strong intentions will always get the tear-jerking, heart-pounding, breathtaking readings famously published all over my Instagram.

The solutions to this type of failed appointment are always re-schedule first. However, some of them I will cancel and refund.

Why? Because I hand the keys to having the best psychic reading in an email sent to a person the day prior to the appointment.

If a person does not use the keys to unlock such a session, it leaves me no choice but to stop the entire appointment, uphold my terms and conditions and provide a refund.

Like I said, out of 1,000 appointments in the last year, 8% were failures for various reasons.

Many of which were due to lack of preparation by the client and arriving with no intention.

I can understand how it might be a big fear for many people to invest time and money and have their reading flop, that's why I like to educate people on such topics and bring them to light.

However, I can reassure you that this phenomenon of failed appointments for good psychics and mediums are extremely rare events.

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