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5 Reliable Reasons Psychics Love Tiger Eye

Mother Nature knows that new Psychics are born every day.

She also knows that not everybody is going to end up a Psychic.

Tiger Eye has been used as a mystical stone for centuries, and it has a lot of properties that make it attractive to Psychics.

However, not only Psychics are invited to harvest the potent potential it omits.

Tiger eye was discovered centuries ago and has since been a coveted stone ever since.

I for one love using tiger eye and I talk about it in this recent IG post.

Here are five reliable reasons why Psychics love Tiger Eye:

1. It helps Psychics to focus their thoughts and energies more effectively.

The gemstone's ability to help bring clarity allows Psychics to access deeper levels of insight than they would be able to without it.

The tiger eye crystal is a balancer in the realm of crystals and can bring our yin and yang to alignment.

There is no power struggle when tiger eye is involved and sets energies in a balanced orbit.

As a psychic I get many thoughts in a reading, but I need to decipher which one is spirit inspired.

That is where the power of tiger eye shines.

2. Its vibrations carry third-eye intuition.

This means it is a great stone to meditate with, and it helps open up the channels of intuition.

When our third eye is dilated, we can be certain of uncertainties and stand convinced of paths forward.

It is opening an ethereal door

Tiger eye is also said to activate our solar plexus chakra, which can be a huge aid when taping into one's clairvoyant gifts.

Even if you don't have clairvoyant abilities, it can help to still connect with the higher realms.

3. It provides protection from negative energy.

This is exceptionally helpful in allowing Psychics to stay grounded and safe when conducting readings.

Tiger eye is simultaneously pulsating new intuitive messaging while protecting us from spiritual harm.

It is opening an ethereal door and then coming behind that by ensuring the coast is clear.

4. Tiger eye can clear emotional and mental blocks.

When our energetic systems are blocked, we may find ourselves unable to move forward in life.

Because emotions are so intimately webbed into our human fabric, many blockages can be unplucked by higher-frequency material.

Tiger Eye can cut through this energy

Mother nature knows this, and instead of having us figure it out in the dark, she provided us with tiger eye.

Tiger Eye can cut through this energy like a knife without causing one ounce of harm.

5. Tiger eye can fluff our mood.

When we feel icky and heavy, we can often underperform. Psychics know this and don't want to miss a beat.

If we're feeling under the weather, a piece of tiger eye in the pocket or dangling on the car mirror can surround us with an uplifted mood.

I know since I've incorporated tiger eye, It is much easier or quicker to squash a funk when it comes on.

In conclusion:

No matter who you are or what you do mother nature has provided us with Tiger Eye to help level up our lives.

Want to elevate your life with tiger eye seamlessly?

Shop my Tiger Eye Tea Ball Infuser that can turn any blend of herbal tea into your own psychic potion.

Simply brew some tea with the tiger eye infuser, wait 3min and allow the psychic properties to dilute into the tea.

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