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You're scared to see a Psychic, here's why.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

My throat was shaky, and my hand was trembling, holding the phone in my right hand.

I remember my first Psychic Reading, and boy was I a nervous wreck! But why? I myself am a Psychic!

I felt like my whole life was being prepared on a platter by my spirit guides, ready to blow the lid on everything I've ever thought and done.

The funny thing is that this could not be further from the truth.

My first reading was with a kind man in the UK who was in his early forties; he appeared overweight and had a pretty dull website, to say the least.

I was seeking his psychic ability at a time of my life where I needed clarity regarding whether I should quit my successful 9-5 position in a hospital or be a Psychic Medium full-time.

Here are some reasons as to why I think some of us get nervous or scared to book Psychics and why we don't have to worry.

You think something negative will be predicted.

So often, we attend psychics holding preconceived fears that a bad thing will be predicted regarding our life, that is, negative and scary.

Although some psychics have a history of telling such unhelpful information, most reputable psychics aren't into this type of fear-mongering business.

It's important to know that although readings are often sobering experiences with plenty of practical advice, it's normal and common to fear that you'll hear that you'll get sick, you're cursed or worse, but it doesn't mean the psychic is right.

don't forget to check for refund policies

You can't afford to be scammed.

Once the payment has succeeded, you're afraid you'll be a victim to a scam and that the money is gone forever.

Although there are plenty of scammers out there (even accounts pretending to be me and scam people), you need not to fear.

Even if a reading is a big flop, any reputable Psychic or Medium explains the reason for the outcome and provides a refund of some amount.

Remember to trust payment gateways that are secured and verified, in particularly Paypal payments or stripe.

Also, don't forget to check for refund policies before you book with a psychic or medium, even if the refund policy is zero refunds.

You fear background checks and sub-par readings.

People are worried about seeking psychics, wondering if a psychic will do a sneaky background check and find you on social media and pry around gleaning information.

One pro tip I left you to avoid being snooped exists in an article for a top publication in Australia that investigated me this year.

It's common to feel like you want your bang for your buck.

It's a icky position to feel cheated out of your money.

Sub-par readings are experiences that leave you feeling dry, uninspired and flat.


This is not the intention of a lightworker because we strive to make what was once heavy light for you.

If you feel this way after a reading, it's important to verbalise it to the Psychic.

However, our expectations on a reading can also hinder the link to spirit, so one way to avoid this is to come with an open mind and heart to hear spirit for their guidance and advise or to connect with a loved one.

My pro tip to get the bang for your buck is to try to say LESS to the psychic and allow them to do their job with bringing through the information that will wow you!

I hope this can help you feel a little more comfortable booking psychics and mediums in future.

They play a great role in restoring hope in tricky times in our life.

Yes, there are some shady characters out there, know that most lightworkers have good intentions.

For a 1:1 encounter with your guide, Download my meet your spirit guide meditation.

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