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Is it Evil to See Psychics?

Humans have been programmed to find themselves a routine.

To grow up, graduate high school, get a degree, get a job, find a partner, have kids, work until they are ready to retire, and then that is it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that for some people.

However, others who want to drop out of high school and pursue the most fantastic career in their lives or follow a completely different path rather than what's been set to them, find themselves uncomfortable and at a crossroads with themselves internally.

When we hit that sense of being uncomfortable, we often seek outer reassurance in hopes of getting the validation we need to pursue our goals, our dreams, and our desires, but whom do we ask?

Sure we can ask our next-door neighbours or the stranger in the bar.

We can even ask our friends and family for their opinions and advice on what they believe we should do.

Sure- they can give you the encouragement and speech that you need but is that enough?

How do you know if you'll get everything you want and you'll succeed?

The answer is pretty simple, and that's to see a psychic who can help answer all of your questions.

For some, that's pretty easy. Jump onto the website, make a quick booking, and you'll have all of your answers questioned.

it is a sin for you and you alone

For others, there is hesitation regarding religion which I understand.

If it is a sin for you or violates your principles, it is a sin for you and you alone, and I respect your boundaries.

Humans should share acceptance and love all around, and it's important not to fight one another on one's beliefs- let alone bring someone down for them.

However, I hope you will allow me to share my opinions and express the same openness and love that I give to you.

It is said in the bible that sorcery is a sin.

When I am conducting a reading with a client, I sit with myself for a few moments and go into a quiet, peaceful meditative state. I raise my vibrations with loving and open-minded energy, and I connect with your spirit guides, loved ones, and my spirit guides to tell you precisely what you need to hear and to guide you along your soul's journey.

I sadly do not have a magic wand or spell book sitting in my room somewhere, hoping to get into Hogwarts. As impressive as it sounds, sorcery and magic are something that I do not have nor possess.

Excellent and pure intentions are essential

Excellent and pure intentions are essential, and my focus is to always provide you with the love and clarity you need surrounding your situation.

It is good to understand your beliefs. If you believe psychics will condemn you, then that is your belief.

I can, however, tell you that I have many religious clients who go to church every week, go to Sunday school and pray every day, and they still come and get a reading from me.

They believe that there could be more to the world than what the bible says, and they don't think that they have sinned at all. A sin to them is purposely and intentionally hurting another human being physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

They still know they are going to heaven and don't have a doubt about it.

It is essential to understand that the world is based on your beliefs if you feel that seeking a psychic for guidance in love, career, children, or pursuing a psychic medium to connect to a loved one is a good thing.

Guess what?

Seeing a medium psychic for any of the above is good and will not condemn you as long as you believe it won't.

As a psychic, my purpose is to help you find the desired outcome and life that you want and deserve in this lifetime. I share my gift and love to all with my only intention that you find what your soul is profoundly craving and searching to discover.

Feel free to watch my live with Daniel John, a Christian, to hear his views on religions with psychic mediums as we all connect as one on Instagram.

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