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Are Ouija Boards Going Too Far? A Look at the Hot Pink Kids Version

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Did you ever see these on the market back in the day? Hot pink Ouija boards.

In 2008 Parker Brothers and Hasbro teamed up to release the all pink version of the classic parlour game 'Ouija' aimed at girls, ages 8 and up. Yes, because making it Pink invites only happy clappy Spirits...

I wonder how many gay spirits haunted 8 year old girls when these came out... moving their hairbrushes around or something. come on... lighten up ... it's a funny thought.

but I digress. I mean, what is a whimsical all-girls Play Date without casting in your very own Conjuring blockbuster from home right? All jokes aside, I'm jealous they weren't around for me as a Kid. If I had kicked off my Medium career with those sassy hot pink Ouija boards at 8, I bet my psychic style would be next-level fabulous by now.. But, do you believe kids need to be channeling Spirits? Personally, not with a Ouija board... are my thoughts. Not without the proper knowledge and intention is my issue. I tried a Ouija Board once. I was 17.

Nothing happened.

Related: You're Scared to see a Psychic, here's Why I seriously could have just toasted a slice of bread and let the crumbs dance on my plate and it would have been more effective. However, Talking to Spirit is possible. If you know how to do it right. People come to me all the time "Cael I want to channel my own loved one". and I really didn't have the right means to show them or offer them back in the day.

But I could sense the yearning need of people and so I leapt into action. So as of this month - I finally did a thing! Introducing my very own beginners toolkit to talk and commune with loved ones in Spirit.

This toolkit will revolutionise the way you connect to Spirit and allow you to cut through a risky, unfamiliar process: Here's what's on this inside:

  • x3 Audio Ceremonies to: Open a channel, shield your self and reset your energy post-session.

  • 150+ prompts to inspire what to ask, converse or chat to Spirits about

  • A checklist to sense a good spirit and safe connection

  • A script to move any spirit on to the light or best journey forward

Now, before you make a decision, here's a word of warning. This program has the potential to completely change the game for you and your spiritual life.. So if you’re serious about contacting your loved ones clearer and deeper and taking your Spirit solo sessions to the next level... jump on this! P.S The pre-order discount of 36% off vanishes soon. Ensure you pre-order today to pay $29.95 and not $47.

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