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$30 VS. $300 Psychic Readings

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Booking an online psychic medium can be tricky as you wonder how much is a psychic but there's a big difference between a good one and a not so good one.

I have a confession to make. I have never owned a Television.

In the modern world we live in, how on earth am I surviving without a Television? a Netflix account? A litany of favourite Binge series?

It's not that I don't have the money or space in my house; you want to know why I don't own a television? It's because I don't really want one.

I'm sure if I did want one, I would do the usual thing people do when they desire a high-end product; save for it so they can get a decent one.

It's not the television (Psychic) that we want; it's the quality material

Even while writing this article, I had a squizz at the cheapest TV on the market that would meet my needs, and it was only $169.

But what's the catch? It had 87 reviews with a 3.7-star rating out of 5. Yikes!

The thing is, I've never had a television before, and I want my first one to be a top-notch quality purchase that lasts me a long time, has good graphics and has the bells and whistles that I might need.

The same logic is how most people approach booking with an online psychic medium or with clairvoyants.

It's not the television (Psychic) that we want; it's the quality material, refined engineering and sharp tech behind the television (memorable reading).

there's a market out there for people who want cheap TV's

That's why people adorn their loungerooms with TV's like Samsung, Sony and LG; these companies have set themselves apart in the market at doing one thing, delivering consistently good products.

Do you wonder why people sit on John Edwards, Matt Frasers and Teresa Caputo's waiting lists for years on end, hoping that one day they'll book their spot for $1,500+?

It's because the "engineering, material and tech" behind their product (Psychic reading) is none other than world-class.

But who is going to buy the $169 TV I googled if I don't? Don't worry.

A restaurant owner might need one for their creche, or a takeaway store might want to buy it to use as their menu board; there's a market out there for people who want cheap TV's.

A Psychic Reading is often a strategic investment.

Some people want fast, quick answers about their lives and connect relatively easily, jumping on hotlines on a Friday night with a glass of wine or putting out their palm at the Sunday Market Psychic stand for $20 a pop.

However, a small handful of people who know how to utilise psychics strategically will invest differently.

Like 'David', he is the founder and CEO of a well-known airline in Australia, and when he booked me under an alias, he knew I could help him with his new project.

Why? not because I was a business strategist, but because I'm one of Australia's most highly sought after Psychics.

He found clarity he had been walking in the wilderness on

He heard of my name from when I was on this TV show, and felt led to book me.

He said he had never been to a psychic before and was not going to waste his "loose change" on hotlines and gambling with the hopes of finding a "good" one; David knew I had a history of bringing my a-game.

Which I did relatively easily, and we were done in under 40 minutes.

David confessed he was almost teary on the other end; my forecastings were exactly what he was projecting, and he was flooded with joy.

I even threw in a bonus remark about his family situation, knowing he had an older son and younger daughter along with a South African wife, which made him chuckle.

This reading for David was well worth the investment. He found clarity he had been walking in the wilderness on for eight months (in a matter of 23 minutes).

He had expected growth and assertive time frames mentioned that no analyst could ever give him, and he had a deep assurance that he wasn't alone, but a team of spirit supporters were rooting for him.

A psychic reading with a gifted clairvoyant is not just entertainment anymore; it's the upper hand.

Dozens of celebrities book me like actress Daniielle Alexis, high flying influencer Abbie Chatfield, TV personality Erica Lugo and millionaire entrepreneur Bettina Banks every year.

Not for fun but because they know what I can deliver. I can show them what is coming for them which gives them the edge they are looking for.

Like how you don't want a pair of joggers from sites like Wish or Etsy but save up to buy a good pair from Nike, people are saving their dollars as I speak to book me at my next booking season for 2023.

Less than 60 days until my 2023 launch!

Don't miss the "ding" in your inbox when my bookings go live. Join the 2023 waitlist.

You pay not for time but energy.

The significant difference between $30 and $300 readings is big when it comes to energy.

I used to charge $30-50 for readings when I first started, and then I realised the value I was bringing and the energy that it takes.

A Psychic who charges $30-$50 and wants to make an income will need to do 5-6 of them a day to stay afloat in this economy.

That is hugely taxing on the human spirit and can lead to burnout and unfulfillment.

I purposefully meet with three people per day

However, I see a maximum of 3 clients per day and charge (as of September 2022) $399 for one appointment with me for 40 minutes.

Why? Because the effort, time and intention that I put into my readings are considerable.

Rather than rushing from client to client charging $30 and wearing myself out, I purposefully meet with three people per day after much rest and preparation.

I give my 110% A-game into every reading and ensure my energy is evenly shared with every client.

You pay for accuracy.

Most psychics out there aren't operating as psychics, but more as love and career coaches.

Sure they can pull a card for you and tell you nice things (or bad things) but there isn't a lot of wow factor.

I love to impress, wow, stun, shock and leave my client in a total daze by the end of my reading.

you are paying to experience their god-given gift.

I want them to have so much validation and evidence so they know beyond a shadow of a doubt they've just seen a psychic.

There's a difference between a Beyonce private concert and Sarah from music class singing at your wedding.

You pay for talent with singers not just for looks; it's the same for psychic mediums; you are paying to experience their god-given gift.

You pay for professionalism.

For a streamlined booking process, it doesn't come cheap.

On the back end of any good psychic medium or clairvoyants website, they have a litany of software subscriptions and items they pay for so that you can have a smooth and professional experience booking them.

This would be in the form of automated reminders for your appointment and secured payment gateways.

You pay for experience.

It's not simply my gift that I bring to the table at my readings as well.

As you know, this experience can be very vulnerable for many people and bring up a lot of raw emotions that, if not handled with care, can leave people in a worse state.

Before I was a psychic, I was a therapist and studied at university.

I worked in a hospital in the mental health department and gained many experiences and skills consulting people.

That's why my readings are so polished and professional, I'm very much myself in the reading, but I am also a therapist.

You pay for reputation.

Did you know that Prada has a paperclip worth $540?

Why do people still buy it in droves? Because Prada has built a name for having quality, luxury items you can't find anywhere else in the world.

But there is only ONE Prada. So that's why people are replicating their things all the time, trying to make a dime off selling fake Prada bags and watches.

There's even a job in this world to authenticate genuine Prada items.

An exclusive Birkin bag sells once a year for $380,000, and even to this day, there is a long waiting list for it.

people are aware of my reputation for a "Prada" quality reading

People want that bag because it's so rare and exclusive. Yet, hundreds of fake versions circulate the globe right now.

The same goes for me; any given month, I have over four fake accounts on Instagram that try to rip people off by offering readings "as me".

Why though? Because these scammers are clever, they know many people are aware of my reputation for a "Prada" quality reading even though I have a waiting list.

You can book a lot of Psychics right now, you could book one in about 10 minutes if you want to, but you wouldn't be able to book me today.

You could buy a handbag at Macy's for $30 tomorrow, but you can't buy a Birkin tomorrow, not because you don't have the money, but because there's a long waiting list because of their reputation.

So the question is, will I buy a Television? I don't know.

It's not a necessity; it's a luxury.

However, I am quietly sure that when I do, I'll be standing in the aisle where the Samsung, Sony and LG TV's are because I know the quality material, refined engineering and great tech that goes inside them.

On the topic of money, lot's of people message me thanking me for recording my Hypnotic Money Manifesting Meditation, feel free to download it.

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