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What is a 'Spiritual Life'?

Recently, I took a good hard look at what Spirituality meant to me.


After seeing a slew of cringe-worthy content online, I wondered, "Am I even Spiritual anymore?".


I've been known to blurt out at my screen, "Well, butter my biscuit, I ain't buying that hogwash," or "What in tarnation?!" when faced with some real head-scratchers of posts lately.

Spirituality is an evolution, not a 'state'.


What I've learned is that Spirituality is an evolution, not a 'state'.


It falls in the "Many paths up the mountain" category.


But for some of us who have faced a considerable loss or the hard reality of a person we love facing death soon, it can spark a search for a "Spiritual Life".


But where do you even start?


A "spiritual life" involves exploring and nurturing one's inner world.


It's seeking meaning beyond the 'daily grind' and cultivating a sense of harmony with the universe or a higher power.

keep a balance in your life


A 'Spiritual life' can produce:

  • A New Mindset

  • Broadened world perspective

  • Increased tolerance

  • Enhanced patience

  • Deeper Generosity

  • Healthier boundaries

  • Gratitude

  • A Desire to improve life for oneself and others


It's about seeing life as sacred, loving the mystery and wonder of it all, and aiming for personal growth.


But let's be honest, it's easy to get tangled in all the unnecessary fluff and get completely lost from this path.


this is due to the stuff touted on social media as "Spiritual".


These things aren't necessary to have a "Spiritual Life":

  • Belief in a specific god

  • Regular church or temple attendance

  • Performing rituals

  • Consuming drugs for transcendence

  • Manifesting every whim of desire

  • Owning sacred objects

  • Following doctrines

  • Having psychic powers

  • Practicing yoga or meditation

  • Following a specific diet


"..keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us.." - Euripides.


I feel this sentence sums up a sensible approach to spirituality.


that is also common feedback I receive about my reading style from clients.


My readings are balanced, sound, neither too fluffy or too strict.


It mixes timely wisdom with witty encouragement.


If you need that fresh style of message for the second half of this year, my live online readings event spots are open and approaching soon:


🇺🇸 Friday, June 21 8pm EST

🇦🇺 Saturday, June 22 10am AEST


I hope to see your smiling face there!


About the Author | Cael O'Donnell

Cael O'Donnell is Australia's most in-demand Psychic - boasting a staggering following of 1.1 million raving fans. Cael's unique ability to weave the psychic with the tangible has garnered him a worldwide reputation as a true luminary in the realm of spiritual guidance. With a waiting list of 3 years, he now tours the globe and offers online events to help the lost and confused find hope - fast! He now tours Australia with an unforgettable show. See tour dates.

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