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Is Cremation Bad for the Soul?

Updated: Apr 2

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Cremation is not an endpoint.

Cremation, in its essence, is a transformative ritual that transcends the physical realm and ushers the soul into the realm of spirit.

A Cremation is a liberating act, releasing the soul from its earthly bindings and allowing it to continue its spiritual quest.

Is Cremation Bad for the Soul?

The soul's journey is not determined by the physical processes surrounding the body after death, such as cremation or burial.

Instead, it follows a path shaped by spiritual evolution, karma, and divine guidance.

Cremation, on the other hand, is a human ritual performed on the physical remains of a departed individual.

You should never feel guilt for cremating remains

It involves the transformation of the body through fire, leading to the release of its earthly form.

It's essential to recognize that while cremation may affect the physical form of the body, it does not alter the journey or destiny of the soul.

So Is cremation bad for the soul? the answer is No.

Understanding Spiritual Energy.

From a spiritual perspective, energy is neither created nor destroyed but transformed.

The soul, believed to be eternal and transcendent, continues its journey regardless of the body's earthly form.

Cremation, therefore, can be seen as a transition rather than an endpoint.

energy is neither created nor destroyed

The intensity of the cremation is far removed from the once-inhabited soul.

It is also believed Souls aren't easily privy to the process of cremating their remains.

Accepting Personal Choice.

Every person has freedoms and rights to their own dealings post-death.

We have to not pass judgment on other families or individuals about what they choose to do.

what happens is guided by the universe.

The "right" thing for one family is the "wrong" thing for another.

But the fact of the matter is that the soul is twice removed from the decision and it won't affect them one bit.

Whether we make it on behalf or in respect of another, ultimately, what happens is guided by the universe.

Letting go and moving forward

We can move forward with confidence by remaining connected in spirit to our loved ones.

We can move forward after death by:

  • Lighting a candle in their honour

  • Planting a tree for them

  • Listening to their favourite music

  • Visiting their grave or place of fondness

  • Keeping them alive in our memory

We can easily do all of this while talking to them one-on-one.

In other ways, we can reach them professionally through mediumship (if speaking to them alone is too uncomfortable).

tap into what was left unsaid

If you've never tried to contact a loved one and want to know where they're at, this is a great time to do so.


Because when invitations like this arise in your life, it's almost always your loved one nudging you to an open door where they could be standing in.

This month is an event where I will be channelling loved ones live online.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask loved ones what they thought about their sending off or tap into what was left unsaid.

If you want to score your front-row seats today, register here today.

is cremation bad for the soul?, cremation, burial, psychic medium

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