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How to stay protected when you clock-in at a soul-sucking job

We've all been there. You know the feeling.

You walk into work and you can feel the bad vibes seeping through the cracks in the walls.

The intern who's spacing out and staring into their computer screen;

your team leader who always has something negative to say is now being followed by a dark cloud,

and your boss who just loves to micromanage everything has been possessed by Satan himself.

Yes, the office has become a veritable hotbed of negative energy, and it's taking a toll on your soul. So what can you do to protect yourself from all this toxicity?

Here are 3 tips to help you protect your spiritual health at work:

1. Adopt a Mirror Shield

When you're in a work environment that is not cohesive and people tend to bicker or be in cliques, you want to walk the halls adopting a mirror shied.

A Mirror shield is a deflective technique to simply reflect back to people their energy so it will not permeate your own.

this is like "giving them a taste of their own medicine"

Visualize yourself surrounded by a wall of mirrors where anything that approaches it, sees its own energy.

Nothing is new to you under the power of this shield but in fact, it's a mere reflection to others about themself.

This is like "giving them a taste of their own medicine" says Lightworker Mentor and Bestselling Author of 'Protect Your Light' George Lizos who I recently sat down within this podcast all about this topic.

2. Centre and Ground

Before you go to work you want to ensure that you are fully centered and grounded.

This means that you have connected to your own source of energy and are feeling stable in your own body.

visualise your heart as a magnet

You can do this by visualizing a white light coming down from above and entering through the top of your head, filling your entire body with light.

Then imagine roots growing from the soil up and into your feet.

Another way to center and ground according to Lizos is to visualize your heart as a magnet, attracting all the layers of your being to be fully present at once.

This is to do with our physical, mental, and emotional aura, which we can call back to ourselves so that we can ensure that we are occupying the same space as other parts of ourselves.

3. Stay Positive with a Rainbow Shield

Go into work feeling on a cloud with the rainbow shield as mentioned in Lizos' book "Protect your Light".

The rainbow shield sends out positive energy during the day with your own beaming thoughts.

all toxic energy will be "transmuted"

You visualize a rainbow going out into the various wings and departments of your workplace and creating a positive place full of collaborative effort and mutuality.

The shield aspect of this is that all toxic energy will be "transmuted" says Lizos into positive vibes before they even reach your awareness.

There's no doubt about it: working in a negative environment can take a toll on your spiritual health.

But by following these three tips— you can protect yourself from toxicity and maintain your spiritual well-being.

To learn more about protecting yourself at work on social media or anywhere during the day for that matter, tune in now to Episode 6 of Just Daily Spirit with George Lizos.

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