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6 Ways to Hear Spirit as a Stressed Mother

Updated: Jun 4

how to hear from spirit

A Mother's Day can be filled with constant activity, from school drop-offs to soccer practices, meal preparations, and bedtime routines.

But it can also be filled with secret crying, an empty stomach and aching muscles.

in the midst of all of this, something has to give.

There has to be a moment where she can recoup her strength and find support from somewhere higher.

we are seeking help from the highest force

Perhaps you used to hear from Spirit with signs and drop-ins all the time, but it ground to a stone-cold halt.

Let's dive in and discover the power of hearing from spirit in the midst of family chaos, busy parenting roles and fatigued souls.

Who is Spirit?

When referring to Spirit, it can be things like Source (God), loved ones above, Spirit Guides or your higher self.

It can be pretty interpretive and open, but we can all agree that we are seeking help from the highest force of love and care.

You might want to hear from your own Mother figure in Spirit because her words used to bring peace and grounding to your chaos.

So let's dive into the 6 ways that will help.

1. Spiritual Pause Points.

Identify small moments throughout your day where you can pause and connect with your spiritual side.

This could be during a break where you shuffle some oracle cards and get some divine inspiration.

or it could be a few deep breaths while making breakfast, a moment of reflection before bed, or a gratitude practice during car rides.

2. Intuitive Check-Ins

Take a few minutes each day to check in with your intuition.

Ask yourself simple questions like "What do I need right now?" or "What guidance can I receive?"

Spirit likes to engage instantly

Trust the immediate thoughts or feelings that come to mind.

These were simply waiting there, hanging out in the spirit world for you.

We know that Spirit likes to engage instantly or speak to us within four seconds.


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3. Mobile Meditations.

Use mobile apps or guided meditations specifically designed for busy moms.

These tools offer short, focused sessions that you can listen to while waiting in line, during a quick break, or even while doing household chores.

By tapping into technology in a positive way, you can find pockets of peace in your day.

4. Symbolic Reminders.

Place a meaningful object in a visible spot as a reminder of your spiritual intentions.

It could be a crystal, a small affirmation card, or a picture that inspires you.

Perhaps it could also be a statue of a divine figure like Ganesha or even a special candle.

Whenever you see it, take a moment to reconnect with your spiritual self.

Pro Tip: It's advise the Mothers use Gaia or "Mother Earth" as a symbolic help as you draw on the deepest wisdom of Mother-kind there is.

5. Nightly Reflection.

Spend a few minutes before bed reflecting on your day.

Acknowledge any moments of grace, insights, or synchronicities you experienced.

See them in collaboration with your recent prayers, manifestations or seeking of help.

Express gratitude for the blessings, no matter how small.

Nightly reflection can spur on deep dreaming and spiritual contact while asleep.

6. Energy Protection.

Practice simple energy protection techniques, like visualizing a bubble of light around you or saying a protective affirmation, especially during hectic or challenging times.

It is our responsibility to put on, invoke and maintain spiritual protection.

Although we are divinely protected, we also must be wary.

This can help maintain your spiritual balance and resilience.

In Conclusion

Implementing these practices doesn't require extra time or elaborate setups.

They can seamlessly integrate into your daily life, providing immediate support and connection to your spiritual path.

Integrating spirituality into motherhood can be a transformative journey, offering moments of clarity, peace, and deep connection.

By incorporating simple yet powerful practices into your daily life, such as mindful pauses, intuitive parenting, and creating sacred spaces, you can enhance your spiritual well-being and navigate the challenges of motherhood with greater ease.

Embrace these strategies and continue to nurture your spiritual growth, finding joy and fulfillment in the beautiful journey of motherhood.


About the Author | Cael O'Donnell

Cael O'Donnell is Australia's most in-demand Psychic - boasting a staggering following of 1.1 million raving fans. Cael's unique ability to weave the psychic with the tangible has garnered him a worldwide reputation as a true luminary in the realm of spiritual guidance. With a waiting list of 3 years, he now tours the globe and offers online events to help the lost and confused find hope - fast! He now tours Australia with an unforgettable show. See tour dates.

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