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5 Tips to Teach Kids Under 10 about Spirits

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

As a parent, it's natural to want to protect your children from anything that might scare them.

But when it comes to spirits and the afterlife, it's important to have an open conversation with your kids – even if they're still young.

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Kids these days are more open-minded than ever before, and they're often more receptive to talking about spirits than we give them credit for.

this topic will become a part of the child's life at some point

In this article, we'll explore how to talk to kids under 10 about spirits.

We'll discuss why it's important to have these conversations, what you should say (and what you shouldn't say), and how you can foster a healthy curiosity in your child about the afterlife.

It's important to talk to kids about spirits because this topic will become a part of the child's life at some point. This could be through a movie that appears on TV.

1. Talk about your own beliefs first.

By talking about your beliefs first, you're setting the stage for an open and honest conversation.

This also allows you to gauge your child's reaction and see if they're ready to talk about this topic.

Avoid talking about evil or dark energies

If you can explain that spirits aren't scary or harmful and many exist to help all of us live our life safely and happily.

Avoid talking about evil or dark energies (if you believe in them) or being overly one-sided about spirits.

Opt-in for talking about how people have felt their loved ones and pets around and felt not so alone or loved

2. Use simple words and short sentences.

Remember that kids have shorter attention spans than adults.

Use simple words and short sentences to explain complex concepts.

You can do this by breaking down the conversation into smaller parts.

For example, you can start by talking about what a spirit is.

Use terms like spirit energy

A spirit is the energy of a person who has died (gone to heaven, went back home).

Their physical body is no longer with us, but their spirit energy still exists.

You can explain that some people believe that our spirit goes to another place after we depart and this place is where other families reside.

Use terms like spirit energy, reminding the child that life goes on after death.

This will help your child understand that it's okay to believe in something that can't be seen.

3. Encourage questions.

The best way to gauge your child's understanding is to encourage questions.

this can be a learning experience

This also allows you to clear up any misconceptions they may have that would lead to fear or fixed beliefs.

Make sure to answer their questions truthfully and without judgment.

It's okay if you don't have all the answers – this can be a learning experience for both of you.


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4. Don't force the conversation.

If your child doesn't seem ready to talk about spirits, don't force the issue.

There's no rush – this is a topic that can be revisited many times throughout their life.

You can always bring it up again at a later date or simply leave it be.

You can also use points of reference to pets or family members passing on as examples of Spirits.

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5. Foster curiosity, not fear.

It's important to remember that your goal is to foster curiosity, not fear.

If your child seems scared or uncomfortable, end the conversation immediately.

ask other parents how they tackled it

You can always come back to it later when they're feeling more open-minded.

In the meantime, you can try reading further on the topics you would like your child to know about and ask how other parents have tackled it online.

We will one day have to teach out kids about many big topics in life from the birds and the bees to utility bills.

However, We can start by fostering a healthy curiosity in them about the afterlife early on and what happens to our spirit energy after we die.

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Have a family member with kids who could do with this inspiration and help? Please share this blog with your friends, family or loved one.

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