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Disclaimer: You must book only for yourself. Spiritually, bookings cannot be used as a gift to someone. Thank-you. 

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1:1 zoom reading


Quick Psychic Guidance

Poplar to use as a check-up

Direct link to a Spirit Guide!

Learn their signs/symbols 

Wait time: 4 Weeks Minimum

20min $51.00 USD


1:1 Zoom reading

Most Popular

Pick Psychic or Medium Reading

Advise on Romantic Life

Forecasts for Your Business 

Connect with a Loved One

Wait time: 2 Weeks Minimum

40min $103.00 USD


1:1 zoom Reading

Best Value

Pick Psychic or Medium Reading

Great for Couples

Longer time, more laughs!

Wait time: 7 Days Minimum

60min $154.00 USD


Popular for Mum and Daughter

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