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Dear Seeker, 


Did you know 80% of people have experienced the death of a loved one?

But only 20% of people figure out how their loved ones speak to them!


Once you realise this ONE thing, you will be in the 20% who feel the closeness of their loved ones. 

Because everything you've likely been told about Spirits and the afterlife has likely been wrong or outdated.

Hollywood is to blame.


We see movies of Possessions and spirits doing all sorts of weird, scary things..

But the fact is that Spirits are really just like you and me. 

They crave closeness, attention, interaction and love, like they had when they were alive.

How do I know this? 

Well, I'm a professional Medium, and I work with Spirits every day. 

I know how to call on them in with ease and also move them on.  

BUT my biggest desire is to link you to your loved ones without fear 

The error most people make is they don't intentionally connect in. 

They just think that by a fluke of chance, a loved one might send them a message or interact..

But the truth is we must learn to communicate with Spirits so they can respond.

We must open a gateway for the right spirits to find us.

all whilst protecting ourself from foreign entities. 

Think of it as a door.

We invite family and friends in all the time to our home!

But the same thing occurs in the spirit world.


We must be keepers of our gateway. 

How do we do this effectively?

The first thing we must do is:

#1 Know our voice is powerful. 

#2 We must know Spirits ARE waiting on the other side.

#3 We must intentionally invite them in

But how do you do it? 

I have found the best way to gain access to spirit is through a simple ceremony.

This ceremony was shown to me in 2020 by an esteemed Shaman from Ghana Africa.

I do this ritual right before I channel Spirits as a medium for a client.

I call it the Channeler's Gateway Ceremony, which works like a charm.

Audio 1c Angylinazayn.png

This ceremony is coveted by Psychic professionals around the world..


it's something they have begged to know from me for years and I am now revealing it to the world - so you can use it too!

Within minutes it welcomes your loved one into your space.

Once it's complete, you'll notice new memories of them start to arise and at night, visitation dreams become more vivid and frequent.

You'll also find spirit box sessions, pendulum or oracle card connection sessions are smooth as butter and deeply fulfilling. 

and I have included this ceremony in my latest creation: How to Talk to Spirits - a Toolkit for Beginners. 

this toolkit isn't just for esteemed Psychics or Mediums, it's for you at home. 

If you've wanted practical tools to channel Spirit safely and beautifully, read on.


Let's explore what is inside this toolkit alongside the highly anticipated Channelers Gateway Ceremony. 

As you delve into the Spirit realm, regardless of your own beliefs, everyone agrees that you need to protect yourself. 

There are lower entities that do seek the light you shine. 

You have to protect your light as you channel. 

One way I like to do that is with my divine defence. The 'Spirit Shield'. 

Audio 2c Angylinazayn.png

This is your safety vest in the Spirit world, locking your aura for 6+ hours!

Even having this in your everyday life is a must. 

Palo Santo doesn't shield. 

Sage doesn't shield. 

You need a specific prayer that LOCKS your aura tight with an impenetrable grip.

Imagine activating the Spirit Shield and being untouchable


Imagine when you can reach out to your loved ones without fear of inviting the wrong Spirit.

Channelling will be effortless and with zero fear. 

and once you're done, you need to close the portal that you've opened to your loved ones. 

Just like you close the door after entering your home, it's important to hit the "reset" button. 

So you get my very own grounding audio to reset your energy after channelling. 

Audio 3c Angylinazayn.png

The unique soundscapes and frequencies in the channeler's audio are meticulously composed


Using a combination of binaural beats, ambient sounds, and soothing melodies.


It creates an immersive and unique sonic experience that resonates with the ethereal realm


helping you transition back to your earthly state more smoothly than anything you've tried.

As well as the main guide, you also receive incredible bonuses: 

  • 150+ Prompts to Guide, Direct and Conduct Breath Taking Solo Spirit Sessions

  • The Lightbringers Script: Guiding Earth Dwelling Spirits to "Cross Over" 

  • The Good Spirit Checklist: Common Signs of a Good Spirit's Arrival



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