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Preparing for a reading

A Psychic Reading can be an exciting and life-changing event. Having the courage to reach out and listen to your soul is an accomplishment that should be celebrated as you would any other important life event.

Your Responsibility

As a psychic , I am responsible for preparing my energy and setting aside time to read your energy. Your responsibility is to be relaxed, open, and honest. Working together in this way is the recipe for a successful and accurate reading!

There are several things you can do to prepare for your reading, but all preparation is centered around this single most important fact:

The best and most accurate readings are readings conducted with open, relaxed clients.

We’re in It Together

Readings are a 3-way street. They are a combination of the psychic’s energy, the energy of Spirit (aka the Universe, God, Source) and your energy. If you rush into a reading, have a million things on your mind, and are not in a quiet, interruption-free environment, the accuracy and detail of the reading will suffer greatly as a result.

A good psychic ensures that they are in a calm, relaxed and private place for the reading, and they give their full attention to the client and the reading. They also stick to the time allotted for each appointment. A good psychic does everything they can to deliver honest, accurate and insightful information from your own soul and from loved ones on the other side. It’s expected that you will do your part too, in order to get the most out of this experience.

How to Prepare

Whether you are new to readings or someone who has received readings all their life, there are some very important things you need to do to help make this reading a success:

1. Set aside 5 minutes before your reading to settle into yourself.

Take some deep breaths. Clarify why you are getting this reading. Close your eyes and picture your higher self or soul sending you love, courage, and relaxation for your reading. If you’re not sure what to visualize, visualize your soul as a hologram of your body, translucent, radiant and in perfect emotional balance and health. If you have trouble visualizing, just focus on slowing your breath. I myself imagine a purple dome of light is moving away from me and moving towards you.

2. All readings require a quiet environment.

You must be in a quiet, interruption-free environment for the duration of the reading. This is essential to your own energy and the accuracy of the reading. The environment should be one that allows you to feel safe and be emotionally vulnerable–safe to uncover deep emotions.

Lastly, when you book a reading, you are reserving my time. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, if during your Zoom/Phone reading you are in a busy office, a parked or moving car, or any other space that is not private, quiet, and free of interruptions, the reading will not take place and you will have to pay a 40% booking fee. 

3. Come with open intention.

Open intention is you setting an intention for the reading prior, but then in the appointment relying and giving the appointment over to spirit to help you with your greatest need. Some sessions 1,2 or even 3 spirits can come through! It's best to keep an incredibly open mind to see what amazing things spirit will bring forth.

4. Do some preparations the night before.

The night before the reading, get a good night’s rest and drink plenty of water. Abstain from alcohol or tobacco as much as possible. Mentally set your interntions for a reading in accordance with your Highest Good.

5. Make sure it is resonating.

On the day of the reading, I will look forward to speaking with you, rested, open, and ready! Once the reading begins, you have the first 15 minutes to make sure you are resonating with what I'm telling you. If you find that after 15 minutes, you do not understand what I am talking about or it’s not resonating with you, you can end the reading and get a refund. This is a rare occasion, but when this does happen,
I am quick to recognize that it is not a perfect link and I will end the reading and give you a refund. Readings over 15 minutes or fully-completed readings are not eligible for a refund.

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