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4 Unique Auras That Spirit Guides Have

Updated: Mar 19

When we think of spirit guides, we often envision a being with a glowing light around them.

This is because our spirit guide's aura is visible to us when we are in the spiritual realm or in an out-of-body experience.

There are four types of auras that our spirit guides can have, and each one has its unique qualities and purpose.

You may not experience your spirit guide materialise in full form right away but knowing their aura colour will help when trying to sense and see them or make sense of signs.

1. Light Blue: Encouraging Guide

Some spirit guides who have been with you the longest will help you in situations you are more insecure and vulnerable in; they are here to lighten your emotional load and encourage you to step into newer, not yet walked-on paths.

An encourager guide is often assigned in adulthood and helps us to lift our heads and spirit when we are feeling downcast.

Light blue auras on guides indicate temporary guides

People who fight depression can be comforted by the reality of an encourager guide being with them.

This encourager guide will appear with a blue light aura, or at times it can also be light pink or soft red (especially if the guide has multiple roles).

Light blue auras on guides indicate temporary guides who will like to retire from their role in 6 to 7 years.

2. Orange: Logistician Guide

A logistician guide is often assigned in childhood and holds the responsibility to help us execute our plans.

This guide will appear with an orange aura, showing their energy is both pragmatic and also flexible.

people are born with a logistician guide

Guides know they are working with autonomous human beings and don't expect us to know our best steps forward.

If you see a tinge of orange in the air or in your mind when visualising your guide, you have likely made contact with a logistician guide.

Most people are born with a logistician guide and adopt it from the mother's side of the family.

Most logistician guides will simultaneously be guiding you and your mother until you are at the age of 25, whereby you will receive your unique logistician guide from there on in.


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3. Red: Protector Guide.

A protector guide is responsible for keeping you safe in the physical plane and is often connected to your ancestor or father's family line.

This guide will appear with a red aura, symbolising their strength in protection and security but also boldness and courage.

emotional and spiritual protection is crucial

Your protector guide will help you through physical troubles that may occur in life, such as accidents, health issues etc.

Not only physical but also emotional and spiritual protection is crucial as an adult, and your protector guide will ensure they keep them accounted for as well.

4. Purple: Manager Guide

A manager guide is responsible for helping you to identify and manage your spirit assets and will appear with a purple aura.

They are often assigned to lightworkers, business owners, celebrities etc. or people who have complex lives.

these guides will take a leadership role

This guide is responsible for helping you understand the power of your energetic assets, the strength of spiritual ties connected to them and how they can manifest into tangible outcomes in life.

The manager guide will also link to your higher self and provide insight regarding major choices and decisions and these guides will take a leadership role over other guides within the council.

In conclusion.

We all have four main guides assigned to us throughout life and each one has a unique role and purpose.

By understanding their aura colour, it can help you recognise them more easily in spiritual spaces and communicate better with them.

Knowing the type of aura your spirit guide has will also help you identify how best to work together because you will by privy to their signs and perhaps their colour. I.e you see a purple car bumper sticker with a message (you'll know your guide sent that to you).

Want to know if a Spirit guide is around you?

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