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Welcome to Day 1.

You've met one of your spirit guides in my free meditation, but how do you continuously link with your spirit guide on a day-by-day basis? Today is all about recognising their presence for longterm connection. 

Task Today

  • Find a quiet, low-traffic spot to listen to the brief audio meditative exercise below

  • Once listened to, watch and complete the task along with me in the video below

Task 1. Entering their Presence Brief Audio Meditation:

Task 2. Watch and follow along with this tangible exercise:

Key Principle Take-aways:

  • Spirit Guides exist on high frequencies. We raise our vibration by doing the exercise in the audio, spirit guides will lower their vibration, and we will meet them somewhere in the middle.

  • Physical reactions like goosebumps, "feeling" a presence, hovering above the head are all examples of our energy responding to our guide. 

  • By knowing what signs to look forward to that your spirit guide is communicating, you will find a more enriched relationship with them. 

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