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If you've ever wanted to know what your Spirit Guide looks like, this is for you! 


Imagine opening your email to find inside is a professionally drawn portrait of your Spirit Guide.


It’s a simple question: why do we need a spiritual guide? To reconnect with ourselves and the outside world…To find light in the darkness…We seek a spirit guide to reignite our hope and confidence…Keep us strong and independent…To deepen relationships and discover new ones…There are as many reasons why one must need a spirit guide as there are paths before us…


That’s why International Psychic Cael O’Donnell teams up with an expert artist to bring you the first glimpse of your spirit guide through a portrait…


Because we want your experience of having a spirit guide to be as rewarding and personal as possible…It’s why we hand-draw a portrait of your Spirit Guide, so you get to open doors to establish a deeper connection with the spirit world…


Look at your spirit guide and find your way through life knowing someone is out there watching over you and guiding you through life as you know it…


Receive a hand-drawn portrait of one of your spirit guides by an expert artist and channelled directly by top psychic Cael O'Donnell.


  • High definition portrait of ONE Spirit Guide 
  • Full colour
  • Print-ready quality delivered via email. 
  • A full description of your guide, when they started and how they help you. 


*Please note there are no refunds for this product. All purchases are final.* 

Spirit Guide Portrait - Colour (Full Description)

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