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Get a glimpse of your Spirit Guide!

Top Psychic Medium & an Expert Artist

Join forces in this unique personal offering

Have you ever felt the presence of something seemingly not there?

Perhaps this presence felt familiar…

I know I have!

This is what we call Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides are:

  • Loved ones

  • Ancestors

  • Past life members

Who volunteered to guide us on our life path.

They are posted all around us, every day of our life.

It wasn’t until I met my guide one day that I finally realized their potential.

This was through a breathtaking portrait that was done for me.

It was by an artist referred to me through my long-time Reiki Healer.

I remember opening the postal service large envelope and taking it out

I felt a rush of excitement as I pulled off the plastic sleeve


and for the first time took a glimpse at my guide..

All of a sudden I was able to put a face to a name, Acey.

My guide was Acey.

She is the guide who works with me to this day on my career and is what we call a ‘Manager’ Guide.


Cael O'Donnell

But the question you might be asking is: do YOU have a spirit guide?

​​The answer to that is well, yes; you have at least four spirits guides right now.

You will either have a:

  • Manager Guide

  • Logistician Guide

  • Protector Guide

  • Encourager Guide

All of which are working with you in different capacities for different reasons.

The fun fact is, without channeling them; you wouldn’t know they existed.

After years of being a Psychic, channeling guides is what I do day in and day out.

But half the time the beauty of which these guides have goes unspoken about.

That’s what led me to find a way to encapsulate that experience. 

I wanted to bridge the divide between a person and their Spirit council in a tangible and unforgettable way.

That is purely why I felt led to team up with a talented artist trained in forensic drawing, to depict guides for people around the globe.

... and give people the same buzzing feeling I got when I first saw Acey many moons ago

​SO, Are you ready to finally see your Spirit Guide?


Like me, a hand-drawn portrait of a Guide could be the difference between you opening doors to establish deep connection with the spirit world


or continuing to guess, assume and head scratch your way around.

Nobody wants to feel left to figure the pressure of this life alone…

We need Spirit Guides to work the magic behind the scenes. ​

But wouldn't it be a heck of a lot easier if you could find out WHO exactly it was pulling these strings?

It’s time to see your spirit guide and find your way through life knowing someone is out there looking over you and guiding you through life as you know it.

By having a physical representation of your guide you will:

More easily connect with their guidance and wisdom to feel certain. 

Feel the portrait help you focus during meditation and spiritual practices such as offerings or rituals 

Deepen your connection to your divine council and your soul's purpose.

How it Works:

🔮 I will channel your spirit guide's energy and likeness to create a unique and powerful portrait just for you. 

😰 You don't need to provide any specific details or descriptions. 

✨ I'll tap into their energy via a ritual and let your guide speak for themselves through the art. 

👩‍🎨 My in-house artist will take over from there. 

client testimonies!

"I was so SHOCKED, it's easy now to put a face to a name.."

- Maria, Hawaii 🇺🇸


"I was AMAZED... this has deepened my connection with my Spirit Guide so much!"

- Angela, USA 🇺🇸

" I love it, everything you said about her was who I thought it would be. I can feel her around me! Thank you so so much"

- Heather, France 🇫🇷

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Hand-drawn Digital Portrait

Delivered via Email

7 Day Turnaround

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$97 USD

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