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Empower Your Journey with a Personalized
Spirit Guide Portrait

DALL·E 2023-01-04 22.02.24 - a realism wide headshot hand drawn black and white portrait o

I met my guide in this incredible way, a hand-drawn portrait!

Did you know only 20% Of People know they have a Spirit Guide?

and still only 10% of people find out their name in this life time!

You see, we all have at least 4 Spirit Guides; Encourager, Protector, Logistician and Manager.

Each one plays a unique and specific role in our lives.

Some can be loved ones in heaven, ancestors or even people from our past life. 

But it wasn't until I was twenty-two that I first saw what my Spirit Guide looked like!

I had finished a reiki healing session and my healer looked at me and said "You really don't know your guide yet do you?"

I was amazed! She spoke with so much authority and she was right, I was pretty lost!

She handed me a faded business card to a lady and told me to go and call her.

I left feeling inspired and dialled the number not knowing who I was calling..

*ring ring*

"Hello this is Mabel?" I heard a woman say on the other end.

"Hi, my name is Cael and..."

"You don't know your Spirit guide love do you?"

My heart sank deep into my belly.

"I just got off the phone with Tuppy and she said you would call" she explained.

I took a breath and felt relieved 

"Yes! that's me, I want to know and see my Spirit Guide".

I said this with so much intention I was really desperate!

"Leave it with me treasure, next time you get reiki, a portrait of your guide will be waiting at Tuppy's house".

After hearing this it was like a big hug from mother earth had just embraced me. 

"How much do I pay you? I'm so thankful!"

I said with excitement bursting in my voice 

"Don't worry about payment, that time will come".

So low and behold 4 weeks go by, and I'm due for my next reiki healing.

I arrive to my appointment and tuppy looks at me with a big grin..

"Guess what, I have something to show you"

I knew it would be the portrait and I started getting butterflies.

Tuppy pulled open her wooden draw and took a portrait-sized piece of paper out of a plastic sleeve..

"This is your guide, your encourager guide"

and this is what I saw....

I was shocked and I felt very emotional.

I had an immediate and palpable connection to this Spirit Guide drawing and it was as if my guide was starring into my soul...


Instantly a thought popped into my heart, "I'm Acey".


After receiving the guide portrait, my guide instantly spoke in a way I couldn't reject it.

It was as if the guide portrait united us in "real life" if that makes sense.

To this day I am forever grateful for that service and encounter of Mabel.


Because Mabel passed away before I got to meet that gentle voice who drew my Spirit Guide.

But what I can tell you is I've reconnected with Mabel in the spirit world as a medium and she told me to do something in 2022..

"Give people what I gave you"

She was implying for me to give the world access to see their Spirit Guide.

"But I'm not creative or artistic" were my initial thoughts.

But Mabel told me she would send an artist my way and together we could help others.

So GUESS WHAT? It happened!

and now I work with the most talented forensic trained artist to offer my Spirit Guide Portrait's!


These portraits have connected hundreds of people to the face of their unique guide!

and I don't want you to click away today, missing out on your own encounter like I had! You know the one, full of butterflies and awe. 

So when you get a portrait you get a:

✅ HD Quality print-ready digital art piece

✅ Full black and white hand-drawn portrait (in the artist's style).

✅ Delivered via email in only 7 days or less!

This offering is extremely rare and you won't find it anywhere online (delivered to the quality I do it!).

So what will this cost to get started right now?

Well the above portraits were done at $297 each and I know what you're thinking "Oh my god I can't invest that today"

So I understand 100%.

You see I easily offer my personalised guide portrait offer for $297 and it sold like hot-cakes BUT..

I want to make it accessible for everyone, including you.

So I won't do it at $297 today.

I won't even take your money at a whopping discount of $197.

$149? I mean that would be a steal right there!

But no.

I won't even do it at the incredible price of $149.

I am offering you my exclusive portrait service at just $97

But here's the catch, this incredible offer is only available for a limited time.

and I mean in a few days, this price will shoot back up to $297.


You see, I'm only offering this exclusive price of $97 right here, right now.

and I'm throwing in an incredible FREE bonus today only!

and that is, my 5-day Spirit Guide Challenge™️ (usually $27) that helps you communicate to Spirit Guides.

FREE bonus!

Usually, people flood my inbox with requests for the link to buy this challenge, but today I'm gifting it to you FREE!

But what if you aren't 110% blown away by your portrait?

Firstly, in the time I've offered this, NOBODY has ever been disappointed. 

But I won't let you take the risk today, I will assure you a risk-proof guarantee. 


I promise you a 100% 30-day refund if you aren't completely amazed by your portrait. No questions, no hoops to jump and no interrogation.


Every penny will be turned around and sent right back.

So what are we sitting around talking about?


Let's get on with it, shall we?


It's time to put us to work with this amazing offer, so go ahead and tap the button below now!

30 Day Money-back Gaurantee ✅
Heather met me on Zoom for a session after she moved from France to Australia to begin her fresh life with her new husband and find work as a disability support worker. 

She arrived feeling excited about her new life but one thing niggled away at her.

She felt divinely guided but could never put a finger to what or who it was

This was until she stumbled upon my TikTok live where I talk about my FREE meditation. 

After completing the meditation she wanted to know and learn more so she ordered a portrait.

"I did shed some tears because it's like I made an instant connection" - Amanda, Sydney Australia.

This was the same with Angela who reached out and wanted to share her experience via video to inspire others who might be on this page to invest in their spiritual journey!

I'm excited to get this portrait started but time is running out..

You've got two options:

Option 1: Walk away to rely on willpower, focus, and patience to effectively visualize your spirit guide. With this option, you'll rely solely on your imagination to make a connection and it can sometimes frustrate you to know if you're right.

Option 2: The Effortless Path to Meeting Your Spirit Guide in 7 Days where I do it for you. You receive a stunning portrait of your spirit guide, capturing their unique essence and personality. This personalized piece will serve as a constant reminder of your connection to the spiritual realm, all you do is set and forget and in 7 days *ding*, a breath-taking portrait of your guide arrives in your inbox.

We are eager to get started with your portrait, so hit "Yes, Start my Guide Portrait" now.

30 Day Money-back Gaurantee ✅
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