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Welcome to Day 3.

Signing is a term we identify with the phenomenon of catching glimpses of 11:11, seeing feathers, fascinating dreams etc. but, today you will lock into place the signing you want from now on. Instead of seeing 11:11 or 3:33 and trying to piece the puzzle together cognitively, today is where you realise what they are for indeed. 

Task Today

  • Find a quiet, low-traffic spot for best benefits

  • Watch the video to learn how to lock in and program your spirit guide signing. 

Watch and follow along with this tangible exercise:

Key Principle Take-aways:

  • Loved ones and Spirit guides can have separate signing.

  • Signing is more favoured by Spirit Guides to get your attention.

  • Not all dreams are divinely inspired. Before leaving your bed, ask about dreams if they were from spirit.

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