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Welcome to Day 2.

The curtain comes off today. No ifs or buts, you've made a conscious decision to step into awareness, so your guides are responding. Hearing your guide is paramount to the impactful direction they'll have on you. It's not a secret or something obscure; they WANT you to hear them today. 

Task Today

  • Find a quiet, low-traffic spot to listen to the brief audio below

  • Watch the 8min video below and follow along after.  

Task 1. Entering their Presence Brief Audio Meditation:

Watch and follow along with this tangible exercise:

Key Principle Take-aways:

  • Guides are assertive and stubborn entities; they speak first. 

  • They have a distinct voice that always carries a message. 

  • Clarify and confirm by asking for immediate external validation or "mirror of the mind". 

  • Utilise time down methods for closed questioning. 

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