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There are no words that heal like the ones that death could not silence.

Roi, AUS
Glosia, uk
Stephanie, USa

"Cael is a gifted clairvoyant, he spoke the words of my beloved brother and instantly I knew it was him from the descriptions of his personality, I can’t thank you enough Cael for bringing a message to me in order to heal and have closure in parts of my life“ 

"I was blown away by Cael's work, his respect and good heart. I had never been to an Australian Medium, let alone experienced anything this beautiful, meaningful and powerful in my life. I was speechless and couldn't stop crying tears of liberation."

I stumbled upon Cael’s tiktok page whilst he was doing a live reading online. After watching in pure
amazement I was drawn to book in my own personal reading with him and I’m so glad I did! 


how does it work?

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Whether we connect 1:1 via Zoom or even an Email Reading (great for a busy mum), my intention is to provide a space for your departed loved one to pop in to bring peace and guidance, reminding you that they are always with you - they never really left.

You remember how they lived an amazing life in a short space of time; and you spoke, laughed and cried with them for decades. It will be my honour to bring them straight to you in one breathtaking moment.

People seek a psychic reading for many reasons, some are yearning for a message to aid closure, others are wanting direction in their successful careers, and yet others simply want to know their loved one is OK.

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online appointments

email readings

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Don't have the time to sit down? Time zone not favourable for Zoom? Well this is the option for you. 

I write down all the messages as they flow through to me. I then carefully craft them into a well-written email that will pop up in your inbox for you to read over and enjoy as many times as you would like. 

Email readings are the gift that keeps giving because You can easily forward them onto those close to you.

Video option available

Wait time: 14 -18 business Days Minimum

email reading


Audio format available

Great for busy mums

Ideal for those with social anxiety

Delivery time: 14-18 days

$59.00 USD

Pick Psychic or Medium Reading

online zoom readings

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Online meetings are a private 1:1 session that takes place via Zoom, which we have all become much more comfortable with since COVID-19!

Some clients choose online Zoom readings over email, as they like having the opportunity to ask questions and have an enriched experience. 


It really just comes down to personal preference.​

Zoom Recording available

Wait time: 2 Weeks Minimum


Quick Psychic Tune Up

Advise on Romantic Life

Forecasts for your Business

Affordable. Great for first-timers

Wait time: 5 weeks Minimum

Need recording?

Tick "Get Recording" at booking

20min $69.00 USD


1:1 Zoom reading

Most Popular

Pick Psychic or Medium Reading

Advise on Romantic Life

Forecasts for Your Business 

Connect with a Loved One

Wait time: 5-6 Weeks Minimum

Need recording?

Tick "Get Recording" at booking

40min $129.00 USD


1:1 zoom Reading

Best Value

Pick Psychic or Medium Reading

Great for Couples

Longer time, more laughs!

Wait time: 5-6 Weeks Minimum

Need recording?

Tick "Get Recording" at booking

60min $179.00 USD


Popular for Mum and Daughter


group psychic Readings

It's like Uber Rideshare but for a Psychic Reading
✅ Intimate groups of 5
✅ Everyone gets a Reading
✅ Great for first-timers 

Good Vibes

activated clearing spray

quick questions


Do you need some guidance in a particular area?

This option is for you. Get answers to specific questions such as:

" How can I get over my ex?"

"What career path is right for me?"

"Should I take a leap of faith and move interstate"

This option is where I consult your guides for information that they would like you to hear and this can often be something you were not expecting.

It's important to remember that when you ask me a question, you're opening your energy up for me to read, so keep that question specific to you. For example, if you ask me "Why did my ex leave?" I can connect to your energy and pick up things about the relationship, and information from your guides, but I cannot connect into your exes energy, because they have not opened themselves up to this.


A quick question reading is not the same as an in depth traditional reading, it's a way of getting guidance on a particular topic right now. 

Answers to questions are detailed, not just yes or no answers, and delivered within 7 days via Email.

$29.00 us

$39.00 us

$59.00 us


Be your own Psychic. Learn Spirit Guides.

Want to learn how to work with Spirit Guides properly for clear guidance and life success?

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