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It’s very weird for me to write this post, but I have to start my blog somewhere. One part of me says “who cares?” and another part of me thinks “share more of yourself goddammit Cael O’Donnell!”.

I don’t like talking about myself as you can tell, not because I have secrets to hide but because I’m still figuring out what exactly is worth sharing, you know? This will probably be the first in a series of cringeworthy posts because I’m not rich enough to afford a blog writer.

What do I want to do with this blog?

I’m not much of a ‘guru’..

I want to offer things like advice on if someone is seeking a psychic or intuitive professional or if someone is thinking that they would like to advance into operating in their gifting and how to do so. I’m not much of a ‘guru’ about ‘spiritual’ stuff because I’m actually apart of my own closed spirituality of my Aboriginal culture. The closed spirituality that I’m apart of is “Yiwi”. In this indigenous spirituality it is heavily reliant on ancestors and the purest form of love. Loving offenders of the law as equally as you love the old lady down the street.

I want to provide a consistent blog that pulls apart a lot of my content on my other platforms like TikTok or even YouTube which I’m hoping to invest time and attention to over the next 12 months. Ultimately I suppose you could say I’m keen to bring some level of integrity back to the intuitive industry which is worth billions, although many have been hurt or swindled by so called Psychics.

I’ve always been a person of a down-to-earth nature. I love honesty and transparency (to a point!) I mean, you probably couldn’t care less that I googled which City is the most eco-friendly during writing this paragraph (boring!). I’m really joining the message the famous Psychic Medium John Edward is pushing, he is trying to demystify the intuitive industry, educate the masses and break down certain assumptions that have been embraced over the centuries.

It took me way too long to realise I can’t rely solely on intuitive development books or courses

I like John Edward. I see a lot of myself in his approach to mediumship. However, I’m just the ecstatic, bouncy and annoying version. Sometimes I forget just how loud I speak in public spaces and am reminded to tone it down when I exclaim “OH REALLY!” to some tea a friend is spilling. We are fewer in numbers us Men in the intuitive industry but what I’ve found is every practitioner has their own style and delivery. It took me way too long to realise I can’t rely solely on intuitive development books or courses. I had to realise that my gifting was unique to me and I shouldn’t try and implement ways to being ‘intuitive’ how someone says so in a book. I think I had to realise these were guides and tips that you glean that have worked for others.

...that kind of amused me but also low key freaked me out

Did you know I’m still yet to actually see a Psychic or Medium myself? Perhaps at the time of you reading this I might have seen one but no, I haven’t. Perhaps you’re thinking “Oh Cael of course you don’t have to see one, don’t you just have free/direct access at all hours of the day?”. The truth is, I really don’t. I feel for some reason the universe set up my gift to only benefit others and not myself. I would technically have to see a Medium myself if I wanted to have a sweet moment with my dearly departed Mother in spirit. It’s not that I don’t sense, feel or get impressions from my Mother, it’s that a Medium experience is very unique in the sense that it’s like a strong direct channel that I would like to have one day. Yes I’ve had my palms read once and that was actually really interesting to say the least. It was via the website Fiverr and I requested a palm reading to be sent to me in a PDF format. This was actually very accurate explaining that I have the personality of a Thespian and other in the moment relevant things that kind of amused me but also low key freaked me out.

Congratulations You’ve made it this far! So, I suppose let’s just get started with the five, shall we?

1. I’m a ‘TikToker’.

Besides being an Australian Psychic Medium (a big title for ‘I talk to dead people’) I’m also a ‘social media influencer’, which half the time I question my capacity in influencing because I can’t even coheres my pet cat to come inside at night so she can be fed. In fact, I started on TikTok in November 2019 (out of curiosity) posting about Atheism and making educational videos about Religion and Spirituality but really it was a platform where I could poke fun at and find flaws in Abrahamic religions until it got boring and kind of ‘ass-holey’ so I decided to stop. It wasn’t really the vibe I wanted to go for and I felt my posts were really a big ‘flipping of the bird’ to religion which hurt me in many ways, a stark sign I needed more healing.. which will lead into the next thing I’ll spill some tea about in a moment.

I can barely keep my little niece engaged for two minutes with my waffling let alone a bunch of random people

TikTok is a funny place. One moment you can be in knots laughing over someone falling down a flight of stairs doing a well-rehearsed skit, to landing on a video of deep political overtones that make you feel like you’re an activist for a cause you’ve never even thought would exist. Out of all the platforms, I find TikTok to be the fairest to all creators and also pretty easy to pump out content for. The algorithm is slightly more predictable than Instagram from my view and I enjoy offering my thoughts and ideas on things. I never knew I’d have a six-figure tally of followers after only one year (brag brag brag) but it’s true! I can barely keep my little niece engaged for two minutes with my waffling let alone a bunch of random people across the world.

2. I’m a Conversion Therapy Survivor.

I don’t discuss it much because it’s really not a mission or campaign I champion. From early adolescence I did have conversion therapy to “pray the gay away” (or the bisexual part of me, but you get the picture). Which didn’t work at all and I’m kind of intrigued by because wouldn’t it work if “God” didn’t want me to be gay. But hey, wouldn’t he just not allow that flaw to even arise in the universe if that really did make him so uncomfortable?

an evil spirit lurks the world called “homosexuality”

The therapy that I was hurled into was a subtle therapy unlike a camp etc. but it still reeked of the harmful and unloving perspectives of dogmatic doctrine. I forgave and moved on; I didn’t make a big deal out of it, but it wasn’t the best of fun. On a brighter note, who’d have thought an evil spirit lurks the world called “homosexuality”, that’s a fascinatingly brilliant Netflix show idea!

3. I’m Vegan.

How many vegans does it take to change a light bulb? None. Vegans don’t change things; they be the change. Oh god how cringy. Now all jokes aside, I’m vegan but I don’t steal cattle. I have a very good reason for that. One, I’m not a good thief and two, I can’t be bothered! Look, it’s not that complicated I’m vegan because, well, animals. I eat plant based and buy my Chelsea boots for an extra 10 bucks from vegan outlets.

I’m a savory tooth!

It’s not that much more a burdensome life than it was to be a hypocrite “loving animals” but eating them (Uh-oh the passive dig there may have costed me a reader) but what the heck, life’s too short! I actually don’t mind vegan food at all. It can be bland at times, dry and scarce in certain outdoor venues but really if I’ve learned anything being Vegan since 2017, it is if you really try hard enough, buy quality ingredients and set aside time to scroll Pinterest for recipe ideas, you can still suck at cooking and resort to Mi Goreng Noodles (I’m a savoury tooth!).

4. I’m an Australian Country Boy.

I’m Born and raised in regional Victoria in a little old town called “Mildura”. It boasts about 85,000 people in population since 2018. It’s nice because it’s not too small where you know everyone and their dog, but it’s not too big where it loses it’s country community charm where people actually give two sh*ts about you. Not much more to say about little old Mildura but it’s known for it’s vineyards, home to a couple of international famous wineries and is a tourist hot spot for the Murray River. Growing up in Mildura I had more identity crisis you can poke a murray red gum stick at.

I wanted to transition too, but the whim lasted for about 3 months

I honestly thought I was transgender at one point would you believe. Nothing against the LGBTQ+ community but I was in this toxic relationship and they were transitioning and because I was young, dumb and head over heels for them I wanted to transition too, but the whim lasted for about 3 months. I floated back and forth in and out of all kinds of closets from Gay to Straight to Asexual and beyond but today I’m pretty sure I’m Bisexual. I don’t know why that’s valid information but for a lot of people it really does help to know and built a rapport with someone if you know where they put their ding-a-ling when they’ve exhausted their free swipe rights on Tinder and go back to their Ex.

5. I’m not a Psychic.

What the actual? You’re probably thinking aren’t you an Australian ‘Psychic’ Medium? Not quite. I’m a medium or a clairvoyant. I just use ‘Psychic’ because that’s more recognisable by my target audience than just saying I’m a medium. As you can tell, I’m also super transparent. Psychics tell the future. Which is stuff I’m jealous that I can’t actually do, I can barely tell when it will rain after checking the forecast app one hundred times a day.

The claircognizant side is the ability of ‘knowing’

I discovered I was a Medium earlier on in my adult life but pretended like I didn’t know stuff about people because I could connect with their loved ones who have departed. As a medium I operate in the gifting Clairvoyance and Claircognizants. Which are big words for, I get messages in my ‘minds eye’ or ‘imagination’ that are accurate and from departed loved ones. The claircognizant side is the ability of ‘knowing’, having this strong confidence in a piece of information that comes naturally.

I hope this hasn’t bored you to tear’s, but I appreciate you reading my first post and hope you can stick around for a lot more. I don’t want them to be boring, long winded and repetitive. I do want just down-to-earth, practical spiritual and or general articles coming your way.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @imcaelodonnell to follow along with my shenanigans!

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