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Tour: 4 Thing's I Ban at my Live Show

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

One of the best things's that I love about my career as a Psychic Medium is that I can see the world and meet Spirits no matter where I roam.

I love to not only travel in populated cities but country or rural places that are also hungry to hear from the departed loved ones they miss most.

However, when I tour and go live, there are some thing's that I don't allow (and you will see in this post why).

I'm not a stickler for strict rules, but these guidelines help my live experience run smoothly and be memorable for all.

Here are the 4 things that I ban from my live shows to ensure an awesome experience!

1. Children Under 16

"But Cael kids are so intuitive, I'm sure they would love to see the magic!"

I'm sure that's what a lot of parents think when they see the disclaimer that I only allow ages 16+ to my live tour. But I have a perfectly good explanation...

I've seen a lot of amazing things at these shows and if I could share this with children, I would be the first one to open the doors wide open.

For example, in Deniliquin, I knew a lady invested in Crypto Currency on the day of my evening event. In Geelong, I was able to pick up on a young man who suicided and left a note, and in my online group readings, I was able to see a young woman's Father in spirit hold up a stillborn baby that was perfectly fine.

These astounding stories have made many people go home from my shows wowed and awe-inspired that the world beyond us can see and hear every detail of our lives and interact with us.

Got your ticket yet for my upcoming tour in Australia? Don't miss out, Tickets sold here.

However, Children coming to my tour would be dicey. During my shows, I discuss mature content like death, murder, suicide, traumatic passings and many things that happen in this life that young ears are not always prepared for.

Why do I speak of these things? Because life is not a perfect square. Sometimes people who attend my show bring palpable stories and things that aren't perhaps what you are used to hearing.

It is my role as the Medium to decipher the messages from Spirit so that I can deliver them no matter who it is for or what the story might be. You come to these shows for your personal message!

These messages are to bring people hope and closure and sometimes we have to talk about the troubled past to be able to see the light of our future.

"..unfiltered messages I bring through in my readings.."

The best thing about the show though is that no matter what is discussed, everyone goes home with a feeling of peace and closure that even if you don't get a reading, you feel that someone that night was touched by the divine.

That's why I like to ask that people aged 16+ attend my events as they are usually aware and ready to hear the unfiltered messages I bring through in my readings.

Another reason why parents might decide that their child shouldn't come is that, while I am clean and censored on social media (because I have to be), in my live shows I will often swear and use "bad words" to express the personality of a spirit or embolden their message as they wish.

2. Alcohol

Trust me, I am the first to get home and crack open a nice wine (after my show), but hear me out on this one.

One night I was in a city doing a live show and I allowed people to drink alcohol before arriving. To feel more relaxed, I'm sure people took advantage of their night off from work to go see a medium.

As I got started with the show they became very rowdy and rude. They started talking and walking around the venue totally drunk and disorderly.

"alcohol can lower our vibration.."

In fact, one of the attendees fell on the staircase and hurt themselves badly, taking a lot of the attention of the show away from our loved ones and to these drunken fools!

Immediately they were dismissed by security and asked to leave, which totally ruined the vibe of the night and it took so much work on my behalf to bring the energy back up.

In fact, Alcohol is a depressant and can make us feel even worse if we attend these events already emotional. Plus, spiritually alcohol can lower our vibration and make it exceptionally hard to link in with spirits departed.

3. Flash Photography and Videography

While I am often behind a camera and being filmed or a photo is being taken of me, at my live shows it's important to follow the content rules at the venue.

Photos that use flash while I am on stage can distract me and even shift my focus from a spirit. This can detrimentally cause me to not be able to continue with reading someone.

When flash photography is used it causes people to be focused on capturing the moment as opposed to experiencing the moment that they are in.

"'s important to ask first.."

That also brings us to Videography. The venues I appear at have strict legal contracts that often deny the use of videography inside a live event.

I not only have to hold up my end of the deal hiring the venue, but I also have to hold up the desires of my management.

When people video me, I have no way of following up it's distribution and it can be used without the necessary credits that are needed.

Credits like the mentioning of the deceased, suicidality, place of venue and even crediting who I am as the Psychic Medium if distributed to social media.

While it can be fun to capture moments as a guest, it's important to ask first before considering as it can lead to being asked by security to leave the event all together.

4. Private Reading Opportunities

It is often people's greatest excitement to meet me live and they often come with a shopping list of questions, however, there's a reason I might flatly deny answering you.

As you know, at my live show I am there to provide a demonstration of mediumship to a large audience at random (or as spirit is leading me), so I already have my work cut out for me.

"'s best if you leave your expectations at the door.."

If after the show I have people ask spiritual questions of me at length, I can often hold up a line of customers that are waiting to have their book signed and meet me.

So, to get the most out of meeting me after a live show, it's best if you leave your expectations at the door and see what happens.

Sometimes if I feel your loved one next to you, I will say something briefly.

However, for my VIP guests before the show, I often will give them something special such as a mini reading 1:1 with the VIP group.

Have you got VIP tickets to one of my shows? I'm touring Australia, so see showtimes here.

Touring is a lot of fun and the best part about it is I get to meet you in person for the first time!

I love giving hugs and sharing messages that change people's lives forever. It truly is a rewarding job for me.

I know these seem like housekeeping items (which they are) but they are quite important to know before investing and coming to a show to see if it's right for you.

I know the list isn't all that outlandish and it makes logical sense. It's my hope that I get to meet you at one of my shows as often times when I tour, I won't be back in that location for quite a while!

Cael O'Donnell is Australia #1 TikTok Medium and Author of 'Three Minutes with Spirit' a self-help guide to sprinkling more spirituality into your life. In 2022, he tours Australia with live shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. See tour showtimes here.

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