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How to Forget Their Death (the sad bits)

The icky, sad, traumatic bits of death is like a splinter in the foot, irritating and uncomfortable.


It can be hard to separate the death and life of a loved one.


Especially if it was sudden, tragic, unexpected or stressful.


We can appear like a duck, quiet on the surface but in the soul, paddling underwater.


there is a special state called positive legacy recall. 


It's like discovering a spare safety pin lying around at home to pick and extract the splinter.

gear-shift into remembering the laughter


A huge chunk of the population struggles to shift into Positive legacy recall (even decades on).


For years, walking around with "Death memory recall".


Death memory is you replaying the dreaded phone call, the funeral, the lifeless body etc. and so forth on replay.


and it's nearly impossible to gear-shift into remembering the laughter, memories, traits, etc. of Spirit.


You likely won't forget their death, but like a volume dial, you can turn up the volume of positive legacy recall and turn all the way down the pain of "Death memory recall".


By doing this, you'll feel peace to your core, a confidence in their afterlife journey and a closeness to their eternal essence, which lives on and is contactable.


But what sparks us to live inside of a positive legacy recall state?




Hearing a true, accurate, touching, validating message from them on the other side can immediately (without delay) spark the onset of positive legacy recall.


it can swiftly cast out the 'splinter' of their ugly death.


Once you get the taste of memories and messages, you'll begin to align yourself to that state of grieving as opposed to the painful state of grieving.


and like a snowball effect, experience true healing.


These are the residual and long-lasting effects of a Psychic reading.


It can feel isolating like you're alone in an empty reality without knowing what they're thinking or doing.


That's why people opt in to hear from loved ones at my online group reading event.


Rather than tackle with all your might, hoping that feather or that butterfly was from them.. you hear a direct word from them in mere seconds.


Hang up the guessing games and isolation of uncertainty and easily pop yourself on my list for this month.


Join in on a supportive and close-knit encounter that you won't forget.


Make sure to get a seat here to begin a journey of positive legacy recall with mediumship,


About the Author | Cael O'Donnell

Cael O'Donnell is Australia's most in-demand Psychic - boasting a staggering following of 1.1 million raving fans. Cael's unique ability to weave the psychic with the tangible has garnered him a worldwide reputation as a true luminary in the realm of spiritual guidance. With a waiting list of 3 years, he now tours the globe and offers online events to help the lost and confused find hope - fast! He now tours Australia with an unforgettable show. See tour dates.

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