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6 Spiritual Steps to Conquer End-of-Year Anxiety

Ah, the end of the year—a time for festive decorations, ugly sweat pants, and a seemingly endless stream of holiday songs.

Is Mariah defrosted yet in your town?

I digress.

But let's face it, beneath the glittering lights and cheerful tunes, there's often a lurking anxiety monster waiting to pounce.

Fear not! I've concocted a delightful potion of spiritual steps to help you.

Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey to find your Zen in the chaos (without too much Kumbuya - as per usual).

Step 1: Master the Art of Deep Breathing (No, Seriously)

As the holiday chaos unfolds, it's easy to forget the simple magic of deep breaths.

You start to shallow breathe and it can lead into panic breathing.

Inhale positivity, exhale the stress.

Just escape to the bathroom and breathe

One breathing technique I do is 4-8-4.

You breath in for 4 counts and you exhale for 8 counts and repeat.

It's easiest and fastest way to snap out of anxiety bubbling up.

Just escape to the bathroom and breathe

Picture your worries as tiny elves scurrying away as you breathe out—because who wouldn't want a holiday filled with mythical creature therapy?

Or is that creepy? I don't know.


Step 2: Embrace Your Inner Yogi (Even if You Can't Touch Your Toes)

In a world of downward dogs and sun salutations, finding your inner yogi might seem like a stretch—literally.

Fear not, fellow stiff-limbed warrior!

You don't need to twist into a pretzel to embrace the yogic spirit.

If Yoga, I mean Sex, then yes... get it.

Try the "Sofa Warrior Pose," where you gracefully reach for the remote control between cushions.

No but really.

A couple of yoga poses between jugs of egg-nog isn't a bad idea.

If Yoga, I mean Sex, then yes... get it.

I say a couple because honey, that's all I can f*cking do.

Namaste, multitasker.

Step 3: Channel Your Inner Guru (Or at Least Pretend to)

Ever dreamed of being a wise sage dispensing life advice from a mountain top?

Well, now's your chance!

the more absurd the advice, the better

Channel your inner guru by doling out profound wisdom to perplexed family members.

Rather than staying quiet, speak up to family members who you dodge.

Have a little bit of shandy and lean into the chaos that comes with family chit-chats.

Bonus points if you can keep a straight face while doing it.

Remember, the more absurd the advice, the better.

This anxiety is already half way out of your system - boo-yeah!


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Step 4: Meditate, but Make It Cute

Close your eyes, clear your mind, and imagine yourself floating on a cloud of serenity.

Psst... yeah no.

Ain't go'n happen.

I like to meditate on the go.

One way I find time to meditate is reflecting on what I'm doing RIGHT now.

who said enlightenment can't be cheeky and absurd?

So Mindful meditation is super helpful.

Cutting the onions with focus, letting my mind think in the present moment of what's happening.

Or just Picture yourself lounging in a sea of warm cocoa, surrounded by floating gingerbread cookies.

If that gets you to that 'place' then sure!

Congratulations, you've just mastered the art of quirky meditation!

Because who said enlightenment can't be cheeky and absurd?

It's ain't that serious boo.

Step 5: Create a "Worry Jar" (AKA Your Personal Stress Dumpster)

Anxiety loves to linger in the dark corners of your mind, but what if you could trap it in a jar?

Grab a Mason jar, label it your "Worry Jar", and jot down your concerns on tiny pieces of paper.

Then, toss them into the jar with a dramatic flourish.

Do not attempt this method with your tax returns

At the end of the holidays, toss them into a great big fire.

but if you are in an apartment, maybe just go to a local park late at night like a mid-night witch.

Great, You've just performed a stress exorcism!

Disclaimer: Do not attempt this method with your tax returns.

Step 6: Dance Like Nobody's Watching (Because They Probably Aren't)

There's something inherently freeing about dancing like a maniac in the privacy of your own home.

I personally like using Spotify and this is my favourite playlist to have a bit of a jig to.

shimmy your way to serenity

Crank up the holiday tunes, unleash your inner dance mama, and revel in the fact that your concerned pet is the only witness to your epic dance-off.

thank GOD these creatures can't speak! (imagine the tea they'd spill).

Let go of the worries, embrace the absurdity, and shimmy your way to serenity.


As the year draws to a close, remember that laughter is the best medicine, and a healthy dose of whimsy can work wonders for the soul.

So, as you navigate the chaos of year-end festivities, don't forget to sprinkle a bit of humor into your spiritual toolkit - that's really what I was getting at here.

After all, in the grand dance of life, it's essential to lead with a twirl, a wink, and perhaps a well-timed jazz hand.

Cheers to a joyous, anxiety-free holiday season!

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