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Doors are closing tight in only days.

Secure seats now!

When: Wendesday May 8 2024 7:00pm ( Doors open 6:15pm).


Where: Mildura Arts Centre Theatre. 

What people have to say: 


Rebecca, Sydney NSW

saw Cael Live and then booked him straight away!

Now it's Your Turn to Experience it LIVE in Bendigo! But Time is Running Out...



Cael O'Donnell is one of the most in-demand Psychics in the world - boasting a staggering following of 1.1 million raving fans. Cael's unique ability to weave psychic power with the tangible has garnered him a worldwide reputation as a true luminary in the realm of spiritual guidance. With a waiting list of 3+ years, he is Touring across Australia and the Asia Pacific in 2024 to help the lost and confused find hope - live from the stage! 

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As Seen On:
"..absolutely amazing"
fifi box
Australian TV/Radio Star
"so accurate... wow!" 
"Just Facinating!" 
abbie chatfield
TV Star 'The Masked Singer'
Celebrity Comedian
"Bloody spot on!" 
"Freaky good!"
"You're a legend" 
chrissie swan
Celebrity TV/Radio Host
brendan fevola
sarah harris
Former AFL Superstar
TV Host 'The Project'

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, against all odds, you come to the event from the beginning and reach the very end of the performance and haven't felt a surge of hope or been moved in the slightest, simply come up to a member of Cael O'Donnell staff after the event to ask for a refund. If, by some rare chance, your experience truly didn't lift you up, we'll swiftly process a full no-questions-asked refund.

This isn't just a guarantee; it's a sacred pact. We want you to embark on this journey with absolute confidence, knowing that your exploration into the Psychic realm is not just risk-free but bound to be profoundly uplifting from start to end.

When? May 8 7:00pm (doors open 6:15pm). 

Where? Mildura Arts Centre Theatre

Why? Embrace the undeniable truth: this is your one shot, no reruns, no rehearsals, one show only—attend this to experience an unforgettable connection to the other side that will change you and your family forever, igniting a fresh journey of unmatched closure, peace, and sanity for everyone.


FAQ: How can I be sure this event is not a scam?

Answer: Rest assured, this event is backed by Cael O'Donnell's years of genuine reputation, whether person to person or on the global stage via national media. A 100% Money-Back Guarantee for your peace of mind is also honoured.

FAQ: What can I expect if I've never attended a psychic event before?

Answer: Embrace the opportunity to explore something new and profound. Attendees across the globe often describe their first psychic event with Cael as absolutely life-changing.

FAQ: I'm worried about contacting Spirits and the spiritual consequences. I'm slightly afraid. 

Answer: You can feel completely at ease. Cael, being a highly reputable and professional Medium , channels only positive uplifting energies during the live event. Moreover, he takes meticulous care to perform his own indigenous ritual, which establishes an impenetrable dome-like shield around the performance space. Your spiritual safety is in the most capable hands.

FAQ: How can I manage attending the event with young children and family responsibilities?

Answer: Consider arranging childcare for this one-night-only special occasion. By prioritising attendance, you gain insights that positively impact or help your family with messages to pass on. 


FAQ: I'm skeptical about the value of psychic insights for someone in my stage of life. Can this event offer meaningful guidance?

Answer: Many attendees find psychic medium insights tremendously beneficial for navigating family dynamics, hard career choices, and deep personal growth, regardless of age.


FAQ: I'm hesitant about large crowds, especially when speaking publically. Will I feel comfortable attending?

Answer: Invite a family member or close friend to attend with you for support and comfort during the event.


FAQ: I'm worried about the cost, especially with hefty family expenses. Is attending worth the investment?

Answer: The ticket cost is significantly lower than the total value of the exclusive offer benefits and live insights gained, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.


FAQ: What if I'm selected for a reading and feel uncomfortable discussing personal matters?

Answer: Readings are delivered empathically, and you can gently decline one if you're not comfortable. However, most attendees find Cael's readings extremely comforting and profoundly insightful.


FAQ: I'm unsure about the format and content of the event. What can I expect?

Answer: The event, which caters to a diverse audience, includes messages from departed loved ones and guides who provide insights into personal growth, hope, and destiny.


FAQ: I'm not sure how psychic insights align with my family's values and beliefs. Will the event be suitable for me?

Answer: Psychic insights are communicated in a universal and inclusive manner, free from any political or religious connotations.


FAQ: I don't believe in psychics or the spiritual realm. Can this event change my perspective?

Answer: Cael has transformed skeptics into believers in 4 minutes flat. Attend and experience the profound impact firsthand.


FAQ: I have a busy schedule managing work, family, and personal commitments. How can I fit this event into my life?

Answer: Consider this event as a valuable opportunity for self-care and personal growth amidst your busy life. It's also the one and only chance to see a professional psychic touring Mildura this year, according to your council. 

FAQ: How are personal experiences and readings handled in terms of privacy?

Answer: Rest assured, personal experiences and readings are handled with utmost respect for privacy. Your comfort and confidentiality are prioritized.


FAQ: Are there any VIP spots left, and what are the advantages of VIP seating?

Answer: VIP spots sold out within hours. However, standard seating offers an equally captivating experience, ensuring all attendees feel the surge of magic and receive the full spectrum of insights and benefits.

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